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It is time to sit back and sip a cocktail while being teased and pleased. Adding a stripper to your couples’ experience can be considered as “THE” threesome of foreplay, with no touching involved. It is a guaranteed showstopper for a few hours of arousal, with all eyes on the women.


What exactly is the draw of this pleasure pursuit as a pair? Couples are adding stripper to their bedroom menu because:


  1. It’s easy, no work involved.

Foreplay becomes a breeze even before the main event starts. Couples become sexually excited at the thought of what is to come, taking the arousal far beyond the strip tease, anticipating after-hours fun with your couple.

  1. It’s a bonding experience.

Couples enjoy “sharing” the stripper, but focus on their bond, by touching and flirting with each other. The stripper is a mutual object of desire for both partners.

  1. Sexual charge

By identifying with the stripper’s sexuality or desiring it, lovers can feel the electricity flow through their bodies. A slight bit of slight jealousy that can be fueled by the stripper experience, acts as inspiration to out-perform the stripper at some point.

  1. It’s fun!

Taking the inspiration into the bedroom for action can be mind-blowing.

  1. It’s so bad, that it’s good.

Strippers are still considered very taboo in nature. Couples thrive off of doing the unconventional and feeling more than a bit naughty. This includes the turn-on of seeing a partner flirt with a stripper or vice versa.

  1. It puts a woman’s mind at ease.

Even if women don’t like watching their men get turned on, some women would rather know what their partners are doing than be left wondering. Enjoying a stripper with your couple is a form of empowerment for many women, making them feel like they are in charge of the relationship.


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At the end of the night, the only thing that matters, is that you show your lover that they are, and always will be the star of your show.