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Just imagine your couple’s oily fingers stroking every inch of your body, neck, back, chest, legs and more intimate body parts, making you very sensitive to every lingering and sensual touch, while you enjoy these highly pleasant sensations getting ready to fondle, caress and give heavenly pleasure in return until you both lose control. At Desire Resorts, allow that special someone to pamper, spoil and pleasure you until you surrender to ecstasy.


Erotic massages offer a wealth of sensuality when a couple or threesome uses them as a form of sexual foreplay, creating a burning desire. Such a sensual experience may be very exciting and satisfying on its own. Often it is not a sexual release that is the focal point of the erotic massage, but the awakening of sensitivity, the stimulating of the libido, the ultimate relaxation and the achievement of harmony with one’s body and inner self. The irresistible sliding up and down of stark-naked bodies, focusing on the down-there region, and bring couples to such arousal that they can hardly contain themselves.


On your next Caribbean vacation here at Desire Resorts, let your fingers and burning desire do the walking as you pamper your couple with an erotic massage. And for additional pleasure we invite you to fulfill your fantasies with one of our signature fantasy menu experiences.