T- Party at Desire

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You are cordially invited to join us for a fun Tee Party. No formal attire. No crumpets. No jam. Just joyous t-shirt fun. You bring the art, imagination or your favorite T, for the whole month of July every Thursday, bring the cotton, inks and all the other voodoo required to have fun.

No themes… it’s a wide open field for creativity, but there are some specific rules for this one…

•You must show us your Desire on a T-shirt.
•We might turn winning designs into reality!

  1. sha

    that would have been fun to do… but i will be visiting in august… could have made that a daily activity.. for the night event…

  2. Hello Sha,
    What Desire tries to do is something diferent for every one and every season. your suggestion is great, but imagine coming 2 or 4 times a year to Desire, and finding the same activities, same night entertainment and theme nights. Wouldn´t it be boring?
    Thank you for your Post!

  3. sha

    Dave.. could you enlighten me as to how the activities organized by staff during the day go?… and what is there available for couples…what are the couple contests?… this sounds fun…

  4. ornitorrinco

    I wanna be there!!!!

  5. sha

    Thanks for all the info !!!..these next few weeks cant go by fast enough for me!!!

  6. giovanni26

    grazie a tutti voi per l’informazione.