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Sometimes it’s the little things in a relationship, isn’t it? Sometimes we all need a married-sex makeover or some new moves that make an ordinary evening a wow that was amazing evening. Here are a few tips


Just imagine your couple’s oily fingers stroking every inch of your body… Your neck, back, chest, legs and more intimate body parts, making you sensitive to every lingering and sensual touch, while you enjoy these highly pleasant


There are so many reasons why the honeymoon phase is the best time in a relationship—among others, the butterflies, the fun dates, and the hot sex. It’s human nature to take what’s consistently available to us for

Getting Kinky: How to Share Your Fetish or Fantasy…by Desire Resorts

Let’s be honest… Most everyone has some type of secret fantasy, fetish, or kinky desire. They have something in the back of their mind or even tucked in the back of their closet that they are just

Desire Resorts Partners with Dr. Jess!

World-renowned relationship expert and best-selling author, Jessica O’Reilly, has signed on as Desire Resorts’ official sexologist. You may know Dr. Jess from Playboy TV’s Swing, ABC Spark’s Love Trap or from the pages of Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health


MOMENTS OF BURNING DESIRE Just imagine your couple’s oily fingers stroking every inch of your body…your neck, back, chest, legs and more intimate body parts, making you very sensitive to every lingering and sensual touch while you

Stay turned on all day, with a session of fleshly morning sex

If you usually wake up and leave the bed immediately in order to begin your day, we recommend you to try something different this time… We know that even if it is early morning you feel to

Intoxicated with the lust of the Sin Room

The lights are soft and the music is high; the atmosphere smells like sweet sin and lust and you have never been so horny in your entire life… You are dancing at the disco with your couple,

Becoming an erotic actress… A fantasy at the Private playroom!

It is the moment… It is decided… Is a shared fantasy and this is the occasion to make it true, crossing the line of the forbidden, playing, learning, feeling and living the leading role of the erotic moment with

Pamper yourself at Desire Riviera Maya!

Your perfect vacation at Desire Riviera Maya Resort & Spa can be complemented with the best breakfast ever! Now “El Arrecife” has an incredible menu with a lot of healthy options for those who want to start the

Become a sexplorer and go beyond the erotic!

When the dirtiest thoughts come to your mind, and you remember your favourite kinky moments but suddenly you realise that all that happened a long time ago, or you reached a point that ever your orgasms seem a little bit

What’s hot when sexting?

When it comes to keep alive the passion and playfulness of your sexy moments, there’s no rules… The communication and complicity of you and your couple are unique and it is not like you are going to