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Threesomes are consistently ranked among the most popular sexual fantasies for both men and women. Now, picture three mouths, six hands and three bodies completely letting go and enjoying a sense of sheer freedom. Let’s face it,


Why would you want to start swinging? There are so many possible answers to this question. For example, maybe you want to experience the pleasure of a shared sexual relationship, or maybe you want to spice up

New Year, new sex life with new fantasies and new friends!

A new touch, a strange breath, unknown sensations… And your couple right there being part of this rare and different experience in which the pleasure takes place and every limit is left behind. The new year welcomes

Becoming an erotic actress… A fantasy at the Private playroom!

It is the moment… It is decided… Is a shared fantasy and this is the occasion to make it true, crossing the line of the forbidden, playing, learning, feeling and living the leading role of the erotic moment with