The Lady Pond

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Having girl-on-girl sex is just the best! But if you’ve never had sex with another woman, it may be a bit intimidating.  To help you out, I came up with a list of the most important things to know before you dive in to the lady pond for the first time.  ENJOY!

  1. Be Honest with Her

If this is your first time, tell your potential partner before you get in bed. Maybe it’s her first time, too, and you can both discover each other’s bodies together. Or maybe she’s been with women for years and only wants sexual partners with a similar level of experience. Honesty will keep both of you from feeling blindsided.

Once you are in bed, tell your partner what you want and ask her what she wants. I hate to generalize, but men’s buttons are easier to find and push than women’s.  So giving clear signals and being ego-less and open to learning are really important.  If you don’t know what you want, start with what worked with your past male partners or what works with yourself when you masturbate. Communication doesn’t have to be verbal, either. It can be as simple as moving a woman’s head to a different place on your clit or putting pressure on her hand so her fingers can go deeper inside you. A well-placed moan also lets a woman know she’s in the right place.

  1. Get a Manicure Beforehand

All women are different, but no one’s labia is made of concrete. Long, sharp nails are going to cut the tender skin on the inside and outside of your vulva like a knife through tissue paper. Keep ’em short ladies, keep ’em short.

  1. Don’t Make It All About the Orgasm

The more you think about orgasms as the measure of sexual success, the less you will enjoy yourself. So just concentrate on being in the moment and experiencing whatever comes up for you.  That being said, if you are getting close, let your partner know that she should keep going. Believe me, she will. Likewise, don’t feel like a failure if your partner doesn’t orgasm. It takes trust and time to know what will help her get there.

  1. Leave Your Label-Maker at Home

If you’ve only had straight sex, you might not know how to define sex beyond P-in-V action.  Sex can be anything from putting your mouth on a woman’s vulva to mutual masturbation to getting simultaneously penetrated vaginally and anally with a dildo in the shape of a kangaroo. Likewise, don’t worry about what having sex with a woman means about your identity.

  1. Remember: She’s Your Lover, NotYour Therapist 

Everyone gets nervous from time to time, so a great sex partner should be supportive if you tell her you’re anxious or unsure—and you should do the same for her.

If you’re having a hard time dealing with your new sexual experiences, seek out the help of a therapist or counselor. Their unbiased advice may help guide you in better understanding who you are and what makes you happy.

Ultimately, we all deserve to be pleased exactly the way we want, and that only happens with practice and even a little disappointment. But I promise that the more you have sex with women, the more confident and comfortable you will become. And ladies… that’s when the real fun begins!  Desire Resorts is the perfect place to play…


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