The Lifestyle Couple at Desire!

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Hi, Desirers, lifestyle couple or not, our friends, Tim & Tammy as you know are the Squirtinators or Mr. & Mrs. Magic Hands, and you could wonder why, but if you attended their past seminars, you could clearly understand that they are simply the best when it comes to improving men and women sexuality.


You don’t even have to be a lifestyle couple to take full advantage of them.


As The Squirtinators are soon coming to Desire Resort & Spa for their lighthearted and interesting seminars, and they just sent us a note about the Lifestyle Couple that we want to share with you!


“We wanted to concentrate on the common misconceptions about The Life


style Couple. When you use the lifestyle most people’s minds go right to “Swingers ” which is not the case. Swingers are just a part of the lifestyle couple as are nudists and the S & M bondage crowd. The true definition of a lifestyle couple is the couple that is searching for anything that returns or keeps passion alive in their relationship. These adult environments are the perfect place to explore your relationship and what things heat up the passion with your mate. If you watch a porn flick with your partner or just sit at the pool watching other get naked and have fun then you are a lifestyle couple.

There are no requirements or check list to become a lifestyle couple. Som

e find passion fishing or at a boat show but for most of us real passion is found in our physical relationships. Have honest deep conversations with your partner about what things or fantasies make you feel aroused or romantic about each other. Whether or not you ever pursue these things in the real world is not the point. Knowing those dark little corners of your partners mind and exploring them together with no pressure to make them real until you both agree and are ready if ever can be more beneficial than any counseling session. Once you walk through the door of The beautiful and sexy Desire Resort with a willing partner you are ” A Lifestyle Couple “. What you do or explore while you are there is a varied as the wonderful couples and people that walk through its doors. Some things should remain fantasies others you can make real . It is the conversation and intimate discussions with your partner that keeps the flame alive”.

By the Squirtinators, lifestyle couple experts.