The Magic of Desire by Tim & Tammy.

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Tim & Tammy, your words are so perfect that we want to share them with all Desire followers! Thank you for your post.

“The magic of Desire Resorts may not be realized in the time when you are there as the fun and excitement move you so fast through people and fun times it is over before it begins. The magic comes in those long days of winter and in times of great stress and challenge that happen in all of our lives. Lying next to my beautiful wife when times are tough and the stress of life has crept in again I look at her sleeping and remember the child like smile and the sparkle in her eye as she plays another round of naked volleyball or felt again like the beautiful women she is in a lingerie contest by the Mélange Bar one night. I reach over and brush the hair from her cheek and touch her like we did so long ago when love was new. For one moment we are back on the moonlit beach with the sounds of laughter and music drifting on the warm Mexican Caribbean evening breeze. It is not if you can afford to go to Desire Resorts again the question is can you afford not to?”

By Tim & Tammy.

  1. The Squirtinators

    In the quiet of those sleepless nights where you awaken and wonder “Where this will all end up?” Reach deeper into the silence of the night pass the kids the bills and all the daily stress we all have and cherish those moments spent chasing passion with the one you love. Focus on the laughter, friends, warm Mexican breezes and the sounds of fun times echoing against the moonlit waves caressing the shore as you take her by the hand and fall naked into the soft clean white linen covered palapas set by the foot of the Caribbean sea. Renew that white-hot passion that so easily fades with time and life’s pressure. Then dance with her in the warm beckoning sea surrounded by sparkling moonlight reflected as diamonds to the endless horizon. Exhausted walk through the palm lined walkways hand in hand now clear in the reason we have chosen this place and this time to fall so in love again. Go back your luxurious room and hold each other till the dawn breaks and leads you into just one more day you will never forget or regret at Desire Resorts.

  2. The Squirtinators

    The busy world around us is swirling almost out of control and the pressures and stress of life start effecting not only those around us but that most precious of realities our passion for each other. I see my beautiful wife standing over her desk putting the stamp on yet another bill and I sneak up behind her place my strong arms around her and place a gentle kiss on her silken neck. Whispering softly in her ear “Almost time to go again sweetie. Close your eyes and feel the sun on your naked body, hear the laughter of volleyball at 3pm. Walk with me after a perfect dinner in the best of surroundings as Caribbean waves caress the white sand beach back to the sounds of the night where friends old and new dance and laugh, flirt and kiss dressed as the fantasies from our deepest Desires and we explore the passion we know so well.” I feel her stress melting away lost in another memory of the real life fantasy that is Desire Resorts. See you soon Tim & Tammy Sept 8th – 21st Desire Los Cabos Sept 22nd – Sept 30th Desire Cancun Halloween back to Desire Los Cabos Oct 24th – Nov 1st .

  3. The Squirtinators

    Tim & Tammy The Squirtinators here! We are bring our world famous seminars and private in room couples massages and sessions back to Desire Los Cabos for St Patty’s day party March 12th – 20th! Book your private massage early, as space is limited. We explore all aspects of Female sexuality and anatomy in our detailed factual seminars. With do this with a fun lighthearted presentation and demonstration. Lots of fun stories from over 12 years working lifestyle events combined with medically accurate information you can use. See you there Tim & Tammy

  4. The Squirtinators

    I think the term love is misused all the time and is often used to describe passion and the two things could not be more different. You can have wonderful passion with a complete stranger (and have!! LOL). Love is really the time we have spent together the good the bad the kids the relatives, the bills the house troubles and joy are all Love. The definition to me is caring more about someone more than you do your self. So Love = Time x Selflessness divided by passion. My analogy is to pretend you are taking a road trip from LA to Boston. The road the potholes, great scenery, traffic, the laughs the tears the actual trip is love. Passion is the fuel you put in your gas tank to get you through the journey When couples run out of passion or fuel some one must hitch hike to get fuel. In monogamous relationships usually some one has an affair and cheats hurting the one they are suppose to love with lies and deception. Sure the sex is great as it is just that and nothing more however it comes at a very steep price a lifetime of guilt and lying to the one you love. We all need and desire passion in our relationships and how you get it is as varied as the couples themselves. For some it is fishing or NASCAR, bowling or food, but for most of us passion is found in the physical part of our relationships. If you truly love some one you want them to have passion not once a week blah sex as part of an obligation to your martial agreement. Once your passion tank is full you have it to share again with your partner. After 15 years in the lifestyle we know that the passion you find in the lifestyle is very real and powerful but must be used with caution. Once you truly understand passion the thought of losing your mate over sex becomes ridiculous and absurd. Your partner is your life and you only have one (life that is) so even when relationships break up or do not work out savor the good times and learn from the bad but never feel that you have wasted time. Find your passion where ever it maybe and the journey of your life will be able to continue down this wonderful road we call our lives. Tim McNulty