The most Desired Women Sexual Fantasies

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What are your Sexual Fantasies?

If you are a woman and want to share what your most desired sexual fantasies are, this is the space. Talking to our guests, they all agreed that adding a spark of imagination at night make it all more fun. Some even confess that playing to be other people, and using different postures makes sex so much more desirable.

And here we have come up with a list of the Women Sexual Fantasies we most heard.

Rape Fantasy:

Although the fantasy of being raped, sounds like something unthinkable, that is what most women claim. hers want to play the role of Innocent girl is taken by a predator twisted man, tearing his clothes and kissed aggressively.

Being a stripper:

Feel the power of watching you, you can do whatever you want, you can’t touch you, just look attentive and is showing her wild side.

Role reversals:

One of the most popular fantasies among women, she is to be the man for one night. There’s something about having the man in a vulnerable position that makes them incredibly exciting turn. The idea of knowing they are in the position that usually assumes the man is probably the element more aphrodisiac of all.

Group sex:

The freedom to be naked in front of a group of equally naked, is one of the most frequent sexual fantasies for women.

Submissive mate:

Some prefer to have a love and obey, however, others prefer to oppose him until he takes sexual action for his obedience.


If there is one thing that women are dying to do, is to dominate a man like never before have.

A stranger in the bedroom:

Some women feel that the only men who can give free rein to their desires, are strangers.

Come and get me, boys!

Having some men touching a woman at the same time.

With an open mind and a healthy body, we invite you to try some of these Sexual Fantasies at Desire Resorts.





  1. jagui2k

    Probably the fantasy is an easy as to have time to be sexy for your partner (in case you have young children, have time to be sexy at the disco or tell your partner in the beach that you are horny and want to have sex at the moment