The Organic Garden of Desire.

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Only at Desire Resort and Spa we know how important is to take care of you health, mind and body and how sexy is to find that balance in your body. That is why we have a sensual surprise for you and your partner. Picture how tasty it would be to have every ingredient of your favorite dish extremely fresh? Image to let your body flow at every bite with freshness, getting healthy and beautiful while you satisfied your cravings at our couples only resort and feel the energy running through your veins. Share this moment with that special person and make light and magic while you enjoy of the best ingredients in every meal.

Are you ready to know what is new and fresh in our resort? Desire Resort & Spa Riviera Maya is now featuring its own organic garden where we grow the vegetables, fruits and aromatic herbs that we use in our signature dishes. Always thinking in giving you the best, we bring to your table the quality and superiority that speaks for Desire Resort and Spa Riviera Maya.
Let the new and fresh tastes of Desire seduce you in every bite and fly away in love!