Our Sensual Massage: Secrets Revealed!

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Can anyone tell me what the couples Desire Sensual Massage is all about?

We keep hearing this question over and over again. If you have ever wondered if it’s just a regular massage or if you get any sexual satisfaction. That is just some of the speculation there is concerning our Sensual Massage for couples.

So it has come the time to reveal the secrets behind it. While Asia is famous for couples massages, this is the only erotic, sensual massage you will ever find in the Northern Hemisphere and for sure it will make a difference in your getaway with your partner in the Caribbean.

However, our Desire Sensual Massage is not called: tantric or anything like that, because yes, you can you choose a  masseuse for your wife or the other way around but the masseuse does not rub her nude body on yours and there is no direct genital manipulation of any kind, but what it does to you is even better, besides the physical part, you may discover a whole new mental state you didn’t know you had in you. We guarantee, you will both learn what ecstasy is. And not knowing much other about it shouldn’t stop you from having, you just have to remember it is extremely sensual. Our sugesstion is let it happen.

You really don’t want to go into the experience with a lot of expectations-anticipating certain things because of what you have heard. Just make the appointment and go with an open mind. You will be very glad you did!

If you have had the couples sensual massage at the resort, you can agree with us on this. You know that if it comes to describing our sensual massage step by step, you can say that our male guest gets a massage from a nice lady who does her best to arouse you with feathers and light touching while the male masseuse does the same to your wife… breast massage, and strategic eroticism. Then when you are fully aroused, you are led to your willing partner to be left alone in the room to do whatever it is that can come to your mind. However, it’s really much more than that, and it’s impossible to describe the pleasurable sensations you will experience, so all we can say is that the professional touch, incense, feathers, romantic music and the most deliciously erotic ambiance of Desire will totally blow your mind away!

If you have never done our sensual massage and you have been content with going for a regular couples massage, you really don’t know what you are missing. Next time you visit one of our Desire Resorts, have our sensual massage and you will thank us later.

So if you are coming to our Desire Pearl in August, let’s say, we have good news, you will be getting a complimentary sensual massage if you book now up to June 10th. And we know that is a long time to wait, but anticipation is always a good turn on. So the question now is when are you coming to enjoy our sensual massage with your partner?