The Twelve Days of Sexmas

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Day 1: Naked Baking
Get your holiday baking done while treating your man to the first sexy surprise of his Twelve Days of Sexmas. Mix ingredients with foreplay and by the time your treats are ready bake, you’ll both be ready for a treat of a different kind.

Day 2: A Sexy Photo Shoot with Your Man as the Photographer
Invite your man into your “studio” for a sexy photo shoot. Put on a sexy playlist, give him the camera, and tell him to instruct you, posing you in any position he wants. Resist him as long as you can to get him to his maximum state of arousal.

Day 3: A Silly Sexy Gift
Give your guy a gift that will bring a smile to his face. Check out the Clone a Willy a form to make a chocolate replica of his Willy). Another idea would be one of those pair of thong underwear for him that features a small plush elephant with a nose that doubles as pouch for his manliness.

Day 4: Holiday Role Play
Dress up like a Candy Striper and paint his “candy” like a candy cane with edible paints. Transform yourself into a naughty little elf and tell Santa all the bad bad things you’ve done. Dress yourself in a sexy Mrs. Claus costume, light holiday scented candles, and treat your Santa to a night he’ll never forget.

Day 5: Holiday Themed Toys
Give him a  candy cane glass toy  to use on you, or slip into some Christmas lingerie.

Day 6: Erotic Film Night 
Find a female-friendly erotic film to enjoy together. Invite your guy for dinner and a movie, surprising him with the film you chose once the food is gone!

Day 7: Naughty or Nice
Play a game of sexy Truth or Dare. For truth, ask questions about your lover’s fantasies, and then when its your turn to take a dare, let your partner know you’re willing to act those fantasies out!

Day 8: A Sexy Honey-Do List
Instead of the ordinary long list of honey do projects that you normally give him around this time, give him a surprise one that won’t require a tool box, but may still require his muscles. Give him a list of needs you have ranging from a sensual massage to multiple orgasms!

Day 9: Sex Coupons
Turn the tables and send a little sexual attention his way. Buy or make up a coupon book full of sensual treats like a sexy shower encounter, an anytime/anywhere romp, or an hour of trying new positions from the Kama Sutra book.

Day 10: Holiday Cocktails and a Sex Game
Make eggnog, spiked mulled cider, or cranberry martinis to enjoy during your evening of sensual gaming. Play games like  Fourplay Connect, All Night Love Affair, or The Tantric Lovers Game.

Day 11: The Gift of You in a Bow
Surprise him with the gift of you wearing nothing but a bow!

Day 12: Christmas Morning Sex in Bed
Get your Christmas morning off to the right start and leave your lover glowing all day. Perhaps this Christmas morning treat could become your new holiday tradition!


  1. Sterne

    So wonderful ideas I am so getting prepared for Sexmas. I’ll get to the resort on the Dec 19th. Anyone coming for that week too?

  2. KattyBen

    Very good pieces of advice. We need more articles like this.

    • Desire Blog Editor

      We’re glad you like them, we will keep trying to bring interesting topics like this. Please feel free to suggest the themes you would like us to discuss here. Thanks fro sharing.

  3. patty

    What do we bring for theme nights. We r coming the first week in feb.

  4. play4fun32

    do the theme night change now or feb we are coming out next week

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, Play4fun32, thank you for your interest. The night themes will change in February. Next week, you will still find our program for 2012.
      Tuesday • HEAVEN & HELL
      Wednesday • THE CANDLES NIGHT
      Thursday • EMERGENCY 69
      Friday • HEELS & DEALS
      Saturday • SAFARI NIGHT
      Sunday • RIDERS NIGHT

  5. zugmaster69

    Are these theme nights also applicable to Desire Pearl? If not, what are the Theme night after February for Pearl?

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, zugmaster69, the changes will be only at Desire Riviera Maya, Desire Pearl is keeping its nightly program as it is now and we will let you know if there is any change. So stay tuned and tell which one your favorite is.

  6. me1975

    The scheduled theme nights are in a different order at this web address:

    than this address:

    Which is the correct order? We will only be there from Thursday to Monday, so we want to make sure to get it right.

    Thanks for your time!

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, me1975, we have double checked the theme nights and they are all in the right order and you can check the webpage to see our pictures. Thank you for your interest, just remember that if you are coming in January, you will still have the previous night themes,since these night themes you see on the web page will start as of February 1st. Stay tuned that we will still have many surprises.