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What makes our Desire Theme Nights so unique is their contrast with reality. Experience an entirely new world where you can literally be anything you want to be. It is the perfect opportunity to rekindle the flame, discover new tastes, sensations and maybe even a new lifestyle.


Each Theme Night has an optional (however highly-recommended) dress code to follow. One night you might be the captain of the seas, or maybe even a handsome, tough police officer looking for your sensual thief, or simply back to the basics in a mix of bright, neon colors. Whatever the night may be, we invite you to delve into the most fun part of our nocturnal adventure. The sensual evening vibe will seduce you, leaving you longing for a more intimate encounter in the privacy of your room, where the happy ending is up to you…


We always encourage guests to experience the unknown. Feel the adrenaline provoked by our tropical paradise, full of others wanting to enjoy just like you, an evening full of passion and energy, taking you to total ecstasy.


Where can I find what I need?


It’s simple! Stop by our Logo Shop for the latest in Theme Night attire. Don’t be afraid of being judged, you can be as extravagant or simple as you choose, you and your couple have nothing to lose. At Desire our Playmakers will ease into the fun with icebreakers and performances that will simply melt your worries away. So, just go with the flow in an ambience that everyone is here to experience. Remember, Desire is the body and you are our soul.


Free yourself from inhibitions, to enjoy and discover all that a simple change of attire can help you to achieve. Don’t think about it, just do it! Trust us, there is a rhyme to our reason… A Desire-style vacation that is like no other!