Valentine’s Day Desire Style

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Valentine’s Day Had Never Been More Desire…

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day. This event in the Riviera Maya will simply blow your mind away. This year, we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day at Desire from February 13th to 16th, we will be celebrating love and lust at the same time. Come with your partner to revive the spark of passion that brought you together in first place.

The most Romantic yet Sensual Event at Desire

Have you thought of any Romantic Valentine Day Ideas? We have… How does it sound then, watching the Caribbean Sea together or take a romantic stroll on the powder-like sandy beach of our couples only resort. we’re sure it will give the perfect dosage of romance your days will need while the deliciously erotic atmosphere of our pool activities will awake your senses, setting the perfect mood for more exciting moments.

As the sun sets, delight your palate with the passion-evoking dishes our chefs have prepared to make these evenings the most exquisite. Then, surrender to the alluring ambiance of the Melange Bar where you will be transported to our Moulin Rouge in Desire style for many more fascinating experiences.

And Desire’s cupids shooting their arrows will give you the perfect excuse to fall in love strong all over again, so how you decide to end this, the most seductive escape of your lives will totally be up to you. Remember that this is the best celebration for your love and lust for each other.

Valentine’s Day Desire Style Program

From the beginning to the end, enjoy the most fun, sexy and romantic activities, you can think of, including our Fitness class + Pole Dance Lessons + Red lingerie night + Live band + Sexy Cupids aution + Mouline Rouge Performances + Naughty school girls night + Candle Light Dinner + Kiss & tell game + Champagne Cocktail.

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