Vegetarian Desire

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How does it sound now Vegetarian Desire?

To offer you, our dear guest, the most sensual experiences, Desire Resorts put their deliciously erotic touches to every corner and we go the extra mile in the gastronomic department, offering you seductive meals that tickle the palate bite after bite. You have enjoyed delicious dinners with us and because we always want to offer you original flavors that can surprise your buds, this time we want to invite you to try our Vegetarian Desire options and feel the pleasure that only delectable food can provoke inside you while you know you are doing something good for your body!

Become a Vegetarian Desire Lover

Even if you are not a vegetarian, Desire will make you change your mind about what can be aphrodisiac and what not. At Desire Resorts, we believe that sensual food has a place, the same as our erotic nightly entertainment has a place. Then, we agree that delicious aroma and taste of a properly prepared lobster or the spicy sensuality of a steak can provide you with the flavor and excitement that can set the perfect mood for more sensous experiences. However, we also like to have everything for every taste and we want to invite you now to discover our Vegetarian Desire offers and appreciate the occasion of enjoying the freshest raw salads with healthy fruits and vegetables.

A new World of Flavor and Sensuality awaits with Vegetarian Desire.

Have the most sensual sensations while you discover the textures and colors of raw leaves, vegetables and fruits that mix very well with each other to offer you a great variety of salads as well as interesting, vegan and delicious dishes. Our Vegetarian Desire menu includes it all, so you can have the best beginning with our vegetarian lifestyle and enjoy everything from entrés, salads, soups and main courses. Let us delight your palate with our Vegetarian Desire options whether you consider yourself a true vegetarian, you want to start with it or you just feel like trying something new. Come and discover that healthy eating choices can also be deliciously erotic once you taste our Vegetarian Desire delights!

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