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The idea that personal lubricant is only for working girls or postmenopausal dowagers is so last century. A good lube reduces the super-concentrated friction that leaves him finished too soon, and you chafed 5-minutes into a raucous romp.


These days there are almost more brands of lube than sex positions. And they’re not all created equal. To help you choose the right one, here are the best lubes types for the sexual situations we hope you get yourself into, while here with us at Desire Resorts.


Sex Toy Fun
Recommendation: Creamy, water-based formulas won’t damage your silicone sex toys, and are compatible with condoms, unlike oil-based lubes. (Choose glycerin-free to avoid irritation.)


Marathon Sessions
Recommendation: Silicone formulas last as long as you do and never get sticky, unlike water-based lubes that can’t go all night long.


Got 5 Minutes?
Recommendation: Balmy silicone lubes warm you up, tricking your body into thinking you’re fully aroused. (Warming lubes can burn, select carefully.)


Oral Sex
Recommendation: Minty lube freshness stimulates nerve endings and hides latex taste.


Bathtub Lovin’
Recommendation: Silicone stays put in water. (Get one with an easy-access pump dispenser.)


Solo Endeavors
Recommendation: Thick, creamy formulas keep you on the spot. (Should have enough on stock for everyday use.)


Desire Resorts knows that when it comes to sex, most people would agree that wetter feels better, but sometimes you and your partner need a little slide in the right direction.  Happy sliding to all!