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Desire Resorts offers unique experiences for couples seeking to rekindle the flame, to step out of the box or to try something new. Our properties provide an escape from everyday responsibilities and to-do lists, in exchange for seductive freedom that many don’t even know exists.


Here are some common reasons as of why some couples decide to come to our resorts.


Did you marry early in life?

Some people who marry in their early twenties most likely have achieved some level of stability and social standing by their mid-thirties. Due to the early marriage factor, couples sometimes feel that they didn’t really enjoy life in their twenties, and find it indulging to join us at Desire Resorts. It’s sort of a way to experience the thrill and excitement of something new, something they have never done before.

Are you parents?

Becoming parents also is another stage in life that changes everything about a husband and wife relationship. Priorities change, the time you can give each other is reduced, and your immediate living environment becomes drastically different. While women give up everything when becoming a mother, some men suddenly feel lost and unimportant in the relationship. An escape to Desire can help these couples to rekindle the flame on all levels, giving an all-new meaning to what can seem to feel like an extinguished relationship.

Are you emotionally disconnected?

Sometimes couples grow emotionally disconnected from each other, the top reasons being lack of time and communication with each other. Ring a bell? To be emotionally connected you need to share, you need to talk, you need to express, you need to listen, you need to laugh, and you need to show that you care. What better way to improve the above than an escape to a couples’ resort with an uninhibited atmosphere to set things clear and connect.

The routine rut

Sometimes couples feel the routine of their relationship is boring or that they need a break from monotony and the drudgery of everyday life. Try a visit to Desire, just for fun, a change, or sheer excitement.

Desire Newbies?

So, what can you expect as a Desire Resorts newbie? An adventure into the unknown that will awaken your fantasies and improve your sex life, all while experiencing an insatiable yearning for pleasure. You will also feel a stronger connection with your partner because you will feel free to open up about everything you’ve ever dreamt about doing and want without worrying about being judged. This will not only improve your relationship but will build chemistry and intimacy.

Variety is the spice of life

Although our concept is private and discreet, so that our guests can feel free in their own skin, we host people from around the world, all age categories, prestigious positions, and walks of life. It is a populous community composed of doctors, lawyers, teachers, parents, young people, old people, middle-aged people, and yes, attractive people.

At Desire Resorts, variety is the spice of life!