So when is your next visit to Desire?

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So when is your next visit to Desire Resort & Spa? Our deliciously erotic environment and sunny, sandy beaches are waiting for you.

Imagine waking up in the comfort of yourluxurious suite and enjoying a delicious breakfast in the company of your partner just to get ready to hit the beach and lie there for a perfect tan, watching the amazing waters that bathe Desire’s beach.

Then having a succulent lunch, choosing healthy and yet delicious dishes to enjoy. Every bite will add to the sensual sensations you will enjoy at Desire.

Taking part of our games and contests organized by our activities will be so much fun, you won’t be able to resist.

And our night themes will give you every reason to stay up late living your desires to the fullest!

So why aren’t you here yet?

  1. blcll

    August 21 to 28 breakfast on the balcony is our favorite. The morning sun shunning on our warm bodies. The beach calling us to touch the turquoise waters.

  2. chonobob

    We’ll be there August 20 through 27. We can hardly wait. Looking forward to lazy days on the beach and hot nighttime fun.

  3. The Squirtinators

    Hi Tim & Tammy The Squirtinators here!! Our next visit to Desire is September 19th – 24th when we will be presenting our world famous seminars on female sexuality, G spot, and female ejaculation and much more. This will be our 3rd trip to Desire and our private in room session and couples massages have become very popular! If you are exploring new passion with your or others partner we can help you find you way with many years of experience at couples resorts and cruises all over the world. You do not have to be a swinger to find this new passion, just have an honest genuine desire and an open mind. Desire Resort provides the environment and the atmosphere to make it all happen!

  4. tperkins

    On our way for our first visit to Desire, Aug 18-23. We’re looking forward to the theme nights, and enjoying our time away.

  5. chonobob

    @tperkins, you’re gonna love it! This is about the 9th or 10th time that we’ve been and we’ve never been disappointed.

  6. tperkins

    Thanks for responding chonobob, from the dates on your blog, it looks like our trips overlap for a few days, so hopefully at the very least we will have an opportunity to meet and get to know each other. As we mentioned in our earlier blog, it’s our first time visiting…as well as our first experience at a clothing optional resort. We are definitely newbies all the way around. We have visited a couple of clubs (one in Vegas & one here in Atlanta). One we felt very comfortable at, the other not so much. From reading the reviews, we know there is never any pressure from others at the resort, and that we will be in a very mature/upscale environment there at Desire…which is why we chose Desire.

  7. blcll

    Chonobob we are there the 21 to 28 our 7th ish time. Can’t wait to see Afrika walking up with that first drink!.

  8. chinodoc405

    We are visiting from July 20-27. It seems there is nothing special going on during our stay from what I’ve seen so far. This is our first time to desire, so I certainly hope we didnt pick a bad time to go. Will it be empty?? I certainly hope not! Anyone else going during this time?

  9. chinodoc405

    Hi, my wife and I will be coming to Desire July 20th, we are brand spanking new to this and are looking for information on what the attire is for nightly events. Particularly what the dress is for black ties and High heels night for man and woman and what the dress would be for a man on lingerie night would be.

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, Chino, you can check more information of our night themes here , but we don’t give too many details to let your imagination run free. Remember that Desire is about fulfilling your own desires, so whatever you feel like wearing for the night will be the way of expressing yourself and look sexy, however, we could say that both men and women can be topless, wearing just a tie, or a short, law cut dress will do it for women while men could wear slacks and a tie. For our lingerie night, the main event is our Lingerie Fashion Show, so women should wear their most sensual lingerie and men can be in their sexiest pajamas or boxers, you know made of light materials such as silk or cotton, just like what you would wear in the bedroom to seduce your girl.

  10. chinodoc405

    Thanks for the info

  11. sean007

    My wife and I are staying for the 1st time August 25 through August 29th. We would love to chat with anyone going during that time. I was wondering what Desires Catboat was and also what the erotic massage so many have talked about entails. Thank you, Sean and Natalie

  12. chonobob

    @ tperkins Did you go to the Green Door in Vegas? we went there once and found it kinda creepy. We have met so many nice people at Desire, and every time we go we meet someone new to add to our circle of friends. Looking forward to meeting you, but not sure how we’d recognize you.

    @ blcll Us either! Afrika is the best! And Sylvia by the pool! The entire staff is wonderful!

  13. cewnaw

    Hi, We will be there Aug.14 thru 25,This is are 6 time at desire.Hoping its going too be hott this time of the year. chuck & Nancy.

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Yes, cewnaw: it’s deliciously hot now at Desire, welcome back, we hope you have an unbelievable stay with us. Are you following us on facebook and twitter?

  14. blcll

    30 more sleeps! Dinner at the Japanese grill our first night.

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Thank you for writing, blcll. See you soon then!

  15. sean007

    Countdown starts. Anyone going August 25 thru August 30? Would love to chat in advance. Do you have to make reservations for the restaurants, and question 2, are all 3 at the same time?

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, Sean. Actually, you don’t need to make reservations for teh restaurants and sure for dinner you find 3 restaurants to choose from. However the days and schedules of operation vary according to the season. Let us know which one is your favorite when you taste the flavors of Desire!

  16. tperkins

    @chonobob, we did visit the green door in Vegas, it was actually our first visit to any lifestyle environment of any kind…so we found the experience very stimulating…a for desire, as we’ve mentioned, it will be our first visit. We aren’t sure what to expect. Clothing optional will be a new experience for us. Can talk in more detail about our experience at the green door if your interested, and would like to here more of your experience as well. If you’r interested, maybe shoot us a line at my personal email address,

  17. blcll

    Hi Sean007 We are at Desire August 21 to 28. We will have a cold drink ready for you when you arrive. It will be sexy hot at that time of year. The pool is like a hot tub. The sea is like a warm bath

  18. mikelitoris

    going right after Thanksgiving…counting the days!

  19. tperkins

    @conobob, we visited there. I’m sure we would enjoy meeting each other there at Desire. Can discuss that outside the blog, if you’re interested. Just let us know how to reach you. As for our stay at Desire, we are so looking forward to getting away.

  20. sean007

    Thanks blcll! that cold drink sounds most wonderful right now!!!!!!!

  21. The Squirtinators

    We would find it very interesting and helpful to know if couples old and new have talked honestly about sexual boundaries and exactly what fantasies you might consider making real and which ones are best left as just fantasies for now. We have found over the years that these conversations are essential and honesty is everything. In our years in attendance at desire and other couples clothing optional resorts when there are no lifestyle groups having a take over it is about a 50 / 50 split of couples that actively pursue swinging and those who love the fantasy and the environment but stay exclusive to each other enjoying the passion that this environment provides . We are the host couple Sept 19th – 24th. We love to encourage couples to have these sexy meaningful conversations and boundary setting discussions in the weeks before they go. That way when the drinks start flying and the incredibly sexy Desire environment starts to take effect there are no hurt feelings or misunderstandings about what each of you is ok with and or hoping will happen!

  22. stalvm

    Hey sean007, my wife and I will be there Aug 24-28th. Looking forward to our first trip. Went online last night and bought robes and masks for the EWS night.

  23. chonobob

    @tperkins I’ll send you an email

    @ sean007 they have Cataraman cruises that you can book if you get enough people together, but there’s also Hobie cats that are small little boats and alot of fun. There used to be someone in Puerto Morelos that did erotic massages, but the spa staff at Desire does a sensual couples massage that is wonderful and at the end they place your spouse or significant other on top of you and leave you alone in the room. 😉

    23 more days til paradise.

  24. tperkins

    @ chonobob, look foward to hearing from you. BTW, the sensual message certainly sound wonderful

  25. monamore69

    we are going August 14 to 19. it seems from the conversations below, almost no one will be there!!
    are we gana have the whole resort to our selves?

  26. monamore69

    dear Blog editor,
    we will be in desire August 14th to 19th. can we suggest a “couples speed dating nights” during our stay.

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, nonamore69, thank you for your suggestion, actually it sounds like a lot of fun. We will let our activities manager know about it. Keep in touch!

  27. donjanz

    Eyes Wide Shut:
    We are visiting 10/18 thru 10/21; wish we could stay longer! This is the second visit for us but not likely the last. Not swingers, just enjoy the freedom and sensuality . This will be our first experience with EWS, and we really don’t know what to pack or bring along. Would love to hear of others’ experiences and recommendations.

  28. sean007

    (Stalvm……. look forward to meeting you both.) I HAVEN’T EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT THE THEME NIGHTS YET. I better get on the ball. We are from Southern Illinois and the temps have been scorching. I’ve been joking with my with that we need to get to Mexico to cool down!! I don’t know about anyone else, but work has been crazy and I can’t wait to make new friends, and let loose at Desire!

  29. kimbrett

    Aug28th- Sep 1st. 2nd time this year. Looking forward to better weather than in January!

  30. tperkins

    Have seen read a few responses from couples visiting Desire during the time frame when my wife and I will be attending. Our first day there is Aug 18th, and we will be leaving Aug 23. Would love to hear from others that will be visiting during that time. The people we have hear from so far through the blog have been wonderful and have given us a lot of in site about Desire.

    Always nice to hear from others, especially since we have yet to visit. Hope to maybe get to know a few people before we get there…


  31. calcouple

    We are visiting Aug. 1-8 and had planned outfits for the regular event nights on the event website. Now, I just happened to click on events calendar, and find that Aug. 4-7 is Latin Fever, with pirate night, safari night, etc. Are we correct in understanding that replaces the lingerie, leather, and school girl events listed on the activity sheet from the main website? We have been to Desire Los Cabos, several times and had great outfits for these nights and are a bit bummed to see these other nights listed instead! If so, we won’t be needing that extra suitcase for the leather night, bummer!

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, calcouple: thank you for writing. Our special events are for you to enjoy new experiences around a topic and you will be so lucky to be here for our Latn Fever event, so please try to see the amazing opportunity you have to explore your sensuality in this unique week at Desire. And remember Desire Resort & Spa is the place to be playful and use your imagination, you really don’t have to leave your leather outfits at home, my idea is to adapt it to the night theme, e.g. if you wear a black suit in leather you can add ears or a tail and you can pretend to be a sexy couple of felines looking for a prey. Your lingerie can also be perfect for the Pirate Night, you can throw a sexy hat and boots for a more dramatic look. So what do you say? Will you open your mind to experience these special night themes in the most sensual mood? After all what can be sexier than the Latin Fever!

  32. chonobob

    We went to Desire last year Aug. 21- 28 and this year we’ll be visiting Aug. 20-27. I was reading some blog entries under another heading and it seems there were some of you there at the same time as us last year. I wonder if we’ll recognize each other. Every time we go we run into someone that we’ve met before. I see that for the first couple of days the themes have been changed up and there’ll be a Denim and Diamonds theme and Sports stars and Sexy Cheerleaders theme..guess I’ll go dig out my pom-poms and go buy a Dirk jersey for the hubby…he’s built more like a linebacker tho’, so I might have to go with football….and what might one wear for Denim and Diamonds…blue jeans and bling!!

  33. Donna

    We will be there Aug 13th through the 20th. With the changes to Gangsters on the 18th, we are not sure of the theme nights. Would you please list them for us so we can bring the right clothing. Very excited to experience Desire. Thanks!!

  34. The Squirtinators

    donjanz Looks like you guys will be there at least acouple of days during our time as the host couple we would love to meet you and say hi. As part of our duties as host couple we provide a complimentary in room couples massage ( tips accepted ) . You are a perfect couple for us to chat with about not being swingers but likeing the Desire environment. So many couples think that there is a pressure to swing at these resorts and nothing could be further from the truth. It usually comes from a lack of understanding about the difference between The Lifestyle and swiningers. Hope you will look us up and say hi. Thanks see you soon Tim & Tammy

  35. januarie

    We will be here August 25 to 29. We are extremely excited!

  36. dee

    Anyone on blog:)..going to be there HALLOWEEN-time!?..(know its a bit early but SO looking forward to it!)
    WE are going with SDC group but we will overlap Aphrodizia & Toms it seems? oct 24th-nov5th
    Looks like its a sold out resort:))
    We are from NY~always fun to meet up with new friends~
    (We have profiles on sls-sdc-mofo)

  37. rbl

    Considering a time for our 4th trip. Has there ever been a non-lifestyle group (monogamous couples) group? Not a takeover type, but is this something Desire is open to? Wonder if there would be interest from other couples such as us?

  38. blcll

    We have been to Desire late August 2 years in a row and had spectacular weather. Having said that there is that 1 in 300 chance we would experience a direct hurricane hit while there. Where do guests of Desire get evacuated to in case of a Cat 3 or above storm?

  39. blcll

    Hi RBL, being at Desire is a lifestyle in itself but we have found that by choosing a week when there arnt any large swinger groups 50% of couples are monogamous. The 50% that are Swingers are just fun to hang with and then at the end of the night we do our thing and they do their thing. When a large group is there the story can be very different. Large groups tend to stick together and as a monogamous couple it can almost be lonely at Desire.

  40. chonobob

    Hi RBL we’re meeting with a group of friends this year that are nudist and monogamous. We are the only swingers in the group and we always have a wonderful time. Spending time with friends is time well spent regardless of our various interests

    blcll I’ve often wondered the same thing too..Mexico City would be nice. We both speak Spanish and we have family there that would put us up.

    Blog editor, where would we be evecuated to?

  41. The Squirtinators

    Dear RBL
    We thought long and hard about your post and I even made some inquiries from travel groups we work with like Biffs Bunch, Ynots, Hot Tamales as we have been at the resort with those groups and I honestly could not tell you if they were swingers or not!! LOL I love what chonobob said it is more about the people than the details of their sexuality that matters most. After 10 years at these resorts I can honestly say the women are the commodity and nothing happens without their say so anyway . Point being non swingers or nudist are side by side enjoying freedom and great conversation the sex part is a separate entity that you as a non swinger can easily steer clear of or avoid if that is not your thing. It is the freedom of honest conversation between all elements across a very broad sexual spectrum that makes Desire and Temptations Resort unique and as a couple still in love and seeking passion the only place you want to be!!
    Lifestyle, Swinger, Nudist , Thrill seeker what ever pigeon hole you choose we promise you will meet some of the nicest people anywhere playing volleyball, dancing or just hanging out at Desire Resort

  42. blcll

    10 more sleeps! Weather looks good so far.

  43. Daddys_Jinx

    We’re planning out Honeymoon there in May from the 13th to the 20th 2012. Was a little worried we might get judged for our age difference. Him 42 me 22 but then again I doubt this is the place for judgement. Looking forward to meeting new people and relaxing and having fun. It’ll be our first time there but we’re not new to the lifestyle. Can’t wait. Wish we could go sooner!

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, Daddys: It’s so great to hear you are coming and you have just the right attitude to enjoy the best time of your life at Desire. Have an excellent day and keep in touch.

  44. sanewbies

    Headed to Desire Halloween week…we’ll be there Oct 26-31…can’t wait to hang with all the sexy peeps!!
    We’re on sdc…name Sanewbies

  45. lshanab

    We’re going back for our second time second week of October. The undercurrent of sex took my wife a little time to get used to (I got into it right away of course, lol) but this time she’s really looking forward to it. We loved the beach, food, and entertainment too, but my favorite part is the theme nights. Loved helping wife pick out her outfits and then showing her off. Can’t wait!!!

  46. BCNature

    We will be back October 30th. Cant wait. One question for the moderator to ask the events director. Is there a special Vampires and Virgins theme on October 30th? I have seen it posted somewhere but your calendar still has Black Ties and Heels as the theme. Just wondering. My wife and I have our costumes ready just in case.

  47. sean007

    Ready to arrive next week on the 25th. Would love to chat with any other couple going. This is our first time and very much looking forward to getting away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.

  48. welovedesire

    Did any of you visit DR in Jan. this year ? BTW: what was the tatoo of that wasted Rus. girl in jacuzzi ?
    Weare going to be there again in Jan. 2012. That will be our second time. Can’t wait to hang with all nice people we met (except o/m lady).

  49. chonobob

    Bags packed, boarding passes printed. I’ll see you all tomorrow.

  50. blcll

    See you Sunday!

  51. blcll

    Hi sean007, you will love it this is our 7th visit. You will not have a better stress release than 1 week at Desire. It is tough going back to reality after. We get in on the 21.

  52. kimbrett

    sean007 have a cool beverage ready for us mid afternoon on the 28th. You should be seasoned Desire veterans by then!

  53. harleylif1

    This is our 4th vist and we will arrive Oct 22 for 8 days. Is anyone out there going to be there during that time frame and would like to email each other? Kathy & Michael

  54. The Squirtinators

    Daddys_Jinx other than a bit of jealousy I can assure you no one at Desire will have any thoughts other than Damn that lucky bastard !!! LOL People at Desire in our experence always judge couples by how they treat each other. If you treat your partner with love and respect others will enjoy being around you and return the energy you are giving off.

  55. welovedesire

    Is there anyone going to Desire in October ? We’d love to chat with couples going there during that time.

  56. shaneb_2007

    Hi! We’re coming on the 28th of December for New Years! Who else is coming to ring in the New Year?

  57. marcoyveva

    Hi We´re coming for the first time on september 9 to 13 any idea for those days

  58. cgrey

    Hello we will be to Desire Sept 22 to Oct 2

  59. marcoyveva

    hola, alguien estara en desire del 9 al 13 de septiembre para nosotros es nuestra primera vez en desire somos fanaticos de punta serena y nos recomendaron desire

  60. Nikki

    Hey rbl, we are interested in the same thing. We have never been, but would love to go, a little hesitant about how we would fit in… We are non-lifestyle but very curious. Anything you can tell us?

  61. tiedandtasty

    Hi All

    We were at Desire Resort this Jan 2011 and loved it so much we have already booked for Jan 2012 from 1st till 15th we cant wait,we met some fantastic couples,cant wait to meet everyone who will be there on those dates as it’s a wonderful place to be with a great atmosphere with lots of fun.

    Hayley and Frank


  62. tiedandtasty

    Hi welovedesire

    we were at desire resort in Jan 2011.when were you there? we meet a russian couple in fact there were a few russian couples at that time 1st till 8th Jan,go on tell us who is o/m person that you mention.oh by the way we are the Scottish couple …Frank and Hayley.


  63. bmcurtiss

    We are going in Dec. 11th thru the 18th anyone going at that time.

  64. Danettej1000

    We will be at Desire for our first time Oct 9 – 13, 2011.
    Really looking forward to it. We love being nude, we love watching and being watched.
    This resort sounds like everything we ‘Desire’! 🙂

  65. bmcurtiss

    We will be at Desire for the first time Dec 11-18th we would like to find chat with other couples that will be there at the same time.

  66. fthunt

    We will be there 10 December thru 19 December 2011

  67. jerolim

    we will be there oct 1st, first time, can’t wait….

  68. jerolim

    oct 1st, our first visit, can’t wait….

  69. bmcurtiss

    fthunt, have you been to desire before, where are you from, its our first time there, don’t know what to expect, what the average age of people there, we are 29-31.

  70. drbpcc

    We are a Pittsburgh couple on our third trip to Desire. Arriving Oct.22 till the 27th and would like to hear from anyone going the same time. Ready to party and have fun with other sexy couples.
    J and S

  71. nico35


  72. fthunt

    December will be our 13th time. Not many 20’s. Mostly mid-30s thru early 60s. We are now from N. Virginia.

  73. fthunt

    To bmcurtiss: We have been there 12 times. Currently, we are from N. Va. outside DC.. Very relaxed and friendly. All age groups except College age.

  74. Northcouple77

    We’ll be there 23-28 Feb. Our second time. Anyone else?


  75. jerolim

    anyone else going oct 1st-5th?

  76. jerolim

    what do the men usually wear for the themed evenings?

  77. tallnblond

    Looks like 10/4-10/11 for us….

  78. denis


  79. denis

    Yes probabely first week of octobre

  80. denis

    Yes probabely first week of octobre
    For the first time

  81. vannasdesire

    Feb 18th to the 25th, our first trip

  82. gsil66

    Hello Everyone! We will be arriving September 20 for 7 days. This is our 3rd trip to Desire and this year we will be celebrating a milestone anniversary. We will be sunning our naked butts in less than 10 days.

    Anyone going to be there at the same time?

  83. gsil66

    Does anyone know if the work on the pool bar has been completed?

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, Gsil66:
      Yes, all the work that needed to be done around the Tentazione palapa has been done and things are running just fine now! Thank you for your post. Keep in touch!

  84. welovedesire

    Hi Tiedandtasty – we can’t remember you. We were in DR between Jan. 19th and 26th. Indeed, there was an active easy-going Russian couple at that time.

  85. welovedesire

    Is October / November a fortunate time to visit Desire ? What is the weather like in the fall ? We spent 5 days in Jan. (that wast our 1st trip) and unfortunately had two rainy days. What is actually the best time to go there ?

  86. welovedesire

    Guys, where do we find guests’ photo gallery ?

  87. The Squirtinators

    Hi gsil66,
    Tammy and I (Tim) will be the host couple from Sept 17th – 25th . Please look us up and say hi ! See you by the pool in 5 days !! Yea

  88. de1914

    Kim and I will be there Dec 28-Jan 1, this will be our second visit. Looking forward to meeting some folks that will help us experience life for the first time wink,wink

  89. de1914

    Kim and I ( Joe) will be there 12/28-1/1 , second visit for us. Looking to meet couples and have a great time.

  90. gsil66

    We are looking forward to meeting new people and maybe learning something new! See you by the pool.

  91. mikelitoris

    we’re leaving on Thanksgiving Day! Can’t get into Desire (we’re booked Sat – Sat) but we’ll be nearby – and getting to Desire early on Sat. Can’t wait!

  92. Week43

    Looking forward to our 5th Annual Desire ‘Week43’ group Oct 15th to 22nd.

    Hope to see you there 🙂

  93. funluvncpl.ft.worth

    We will be at Desire frpm Sept. 27th thru Oct. 1, 2011. Looks like I see only one other that has posted for similiar dates and that would be

    We are: funluvncpl.ft.worth
    Where are you coming from ?

    Shout out to ya…see ya around the pool !!

  94. bandcatlake

    We will be there with a small group Oct 1st – 8th. This is our 5th trip to Desire Cancun and every time that we go we are so excited as the trip gets closer that we can hardly stand it. Only 11 more days.

  95. funluvncpl.ft.worth

    We are @ Desire Sept. 27 thru Oct. 1, 2011…looks like CGREY is th only couple I see at these same dates…give us a shout around the pool or on the beach.
    Where are you coming from ???

  96. gatorrandy

    Jan and I will be there Feb 8th -15 2012. Looking forward to a great time.

  97. gatorrandy

    Jan and I will be there Feb 8-15 2012. Valentines Day!!!!!

  98. bandcatlake

    We will be there Oct 1 – Oct 8 with a small group. This is our 5th trip to Desire but our first trip as Premier Members. Can’t wait.

  99. jerolim

    oct 1st for us, first trip….can’t wait…

  100. TS4ever

    We are there from Sept. 28 until Oct. 2nd. Our first trip.

  101. TS4ever

    We are there Sept. 28th until Oct 2nd. It is our first trip and we are looking forward to it !!

  102. LesandJen

    We are going to be there from December 14 thru 20th. We are fun40s@yahoo

  103. dblD

    Looking forward to our 2nd trip to Desire Sept. 28th – Oct. 2nd. Can’t wait! Meet us for a drink at the bar, we’re buying!

  104. mbg550

    first trip.. december 21- 23 any advice?

  105. mbg550

    we are going to be down dec. 21-23. first timers any advice?

  106. The Squirtinators

    What a great visit to the sexiest place on earth Desire Resort Cancun!! We would like to thank all the couples that made our trip such a great success! We wanted to share a very special story of a couple we met during our stay. The gentleman had been in a very serious car accident when he was 18 which left him in a wheel chair for life. His wife was a beautiful energetic woman who loves him unconditionally. Each day from the gym I would see him doing his exercise around the walkways of the resort and she was always busy in the gym or taking fitness classes in the morning. He would stop and wave to her and blow her kisses through the window and his smile and enthusiasm was inspirational to all of us. Each day at hot tub time with no solicitation required several of the male guests would offer to carry him in his chair up to the top so he could sit and join in the fun at the hot tub. These people touch me deeply and helped all of us to realize the goodness that exists in the honesty of our Desire family.
    Outsiders who would pass judgment never taking the chance to experience the potential for goodness in people in any environment have missed something truly wonderful the happiness and joy, motivation and drive that a little bit of sexy fun where no one is the victim can heal and inspire us regardless of our situations. We asked permission to tell this story form the couple and they were touched and hope their story helps anyone struggling to cope with a hardship. Thank you Tim & Tammy

  107. jriccio

    10/26/11 passion suite 4 nights cant wait …jonas and michelle

  108. funbags007

    Hello everyone, we are going 3-20 thru 3-27 2012. We are first timers and we cant wait. Is there a way to see the calendar for that week or know if there is a group at the resort during this time. Thanks

  109. bmcurtiss

    We will be at DR Dec11-18th any be that at that time we would like to chat at

  110. ready_4_more

    We will be checking in on Oct 19th through the 22nd. Looking forward to our first time at a resort like this. We can wait to let loose and give in to our inhibitions.

    If you are going to be at Desire during these dates, please feel free to contact us:

  111. manuel villa

    Nosotros vamos del 25 de octubre al 01 de noviembre, alguien de habla hispana, nosotros somos de mexico

  112. abbingent

    We will be there Nov 1 – 8…..wheres the party? Our 10th visit there, looking for hot days and hotter nights…

    hit us up,

    naked4wine on sls
    abbingent on Kasidie

  113. twotravelers

    When is the 2012 calendar coming out?

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, twotravelers, for the beginning of November, we’re releasing our deliciously erotic events for 2012! Stay tuned!

  114. jeffw

    We will be going on November 26th and staying for 7 days. Never been there before, but excited. Never been to a similar place. Any advice for first-timers?

  115. shytowngurl

    Hi ! We will be coming back for our second time jan 22-26th 2012 , Would like to talk with anyone who will be there that week

  116. miranda

    We can’t wait for the new 2012 calendar to come out! We have already booked our trip to Desire for January and we’re already shopping for our Desire clothes.

  117. miranda

    Can’t wait for November to get here!

  118. diesldad

    going jan10 to 17th any others going then?

  119. MARCOS2312

    hi, my next visit is in november

  120. blcll

    Is this Marco from Texas? Were you at Desire August 20 to 27?

  121. vannasdesire

    nobody is going Feb 18th through the 24th? It’s going to be a quite place. We’ll be there just in case anyone changes there mind…. let us know, we’d love to talk ahead of time.

  122. tiedandtasty

    HI To staff and Guests

    Hope all are well and safe at Desire Resort…our thoughts are with you all,Hope it all passes soon and everyone can get back to having a funtime.

    Hayley and Frank xxxx


  123. Cfecht2

    Will anyone be at Desire 10/31-11/5?

  124. Newbie

    We are going for the 1st time June1-10, 2012. Any advice for a newbie or is anyone else going that time period.

  125. manuel villa

    Nosotros vamos del 20 al 25 de Noviembre, alguien de habla hispana para estas fechas?

  126. simonalejandro

    Will anyone be at Desire MARCH 15-18, 2012

  127. tiedandtasty


    Not long now…our visit is getting nearer,we arrive on the 1st Jan 2012 and will be staying until the 15th Jan..if you will be at Desire Resort on any of those dates let us know it would be nice to catch up, we are on facebook…hayleyandfrank Scotland..looks us up and say HI

    Hayley and Frank


  128. runner2008a

    We arrive next week on thursday nov 10 until Monday nov 14th
    Our first time to this type of resort…any tips for next week ?

  129. webnaturists

    We will be there in 2 weeks to spend our 6th (not in a row) Thanksgiving there!
    19 November – 28 November

  130. mandr

    We are coming to Desire in early February 2012. This will be our 7th or 8th trip. Does anyone know of a february yahoo Group sight yet??

  131. Sir-and-O

    Hi everybody,
    We will be for second time at DR December 10-21st, 2011. We are 40-45 y.o. and we come from France. As we don’t speak anyword of spanish and not very well english, we will be pleased to meet there nice people who speak french too 🙂 Contact us:

  132. runner2008a

    We are going to be there this coming Thursday until monday afternoon!!
    first time in a place like this…
    Excited and little nervous….can’t wait!!! Any tips..

  133. sdesjardins

    Hi everyone.
    We’ll be there on December 10th to Dec 17th,

    We can’t wait….

    Stef & Loulou

  134. mhooten

    We are thinking of a visit in February or March……. This is would be our first time and have many questions ……… We are excited and nervous……….Would love some tips and advice……. Comment and we can exchange info….

  135. racerx2

    Hi Runner2008. We will be there at the same time. Tips? Relax and let your inhibitions go! Beautiful place…beautiful people

  136. The Squirtinators

    We have just returned from 24 wonderful days at Temptations resort in Cabo working with the staff there and presenting our world famous Female sexuality seminars and massages. We were also the host couple during the Desire week there and had the best time ever. We loved working with the couples during our time when the resort was temptations mode. Helping them to understand that the search for the spark of passion in our relationships comes from as many different places as the unique individuals that make up the couples that we met . For some it is sports or fishing but for most of us we need that physical passion that was there at the beginning of our relationships and has faded through time. What ever level you chose be it verbal , romance or participation in swinging the fact that you care and want to return that passion to your relationship qualifies you as a Lifestyle couple. You do not have to be a swinger or on your way to swinging to use these wonderful sexy resorts to enhance the smoldering embers in your own relationship. Being around beautiful sexy topless women or hot men serves to return your mind from the toils of everyday life and awaken that spark of desire so you have the fuel to return that passion to the one you love …….. without cheating or lies of an affair. The passion you find in an affairs comes with a very steep price. That price is a lifetime of shame and guilt for a few short moments of passion with a stranger. You had that passion once find it again and Temptations and Desire Resorts are a perfect place to start your journey. Tim McNulty

  137. mhooten

    We are thinking of a visit in February or March…. It would be our first time for this kind of experience… We would love some tips/info etc….

  138. The Squirtinators

    Hey mhooten can you be a little more specific about what advice and or tips you would like to chat about. I mean travel tips, passion seeking, theme nights , etc. . We have been many many times and can most likely answer any questions you might have.

  139. mhooten

    The travel is not an issue as we have traveled a great deal…. We are just interested in the overall experience…. We have a great deal of curiosity and are looking for a place that will let us be as interactive or voyeuristic as we feel comfortable with. We are curious as to when the 2012 schedule will be posted. We are a young 40 and 45 and want to know the age bracket of fellow visitors ….We are not looking for a spring break atmosphere… But are wanting something fun and sexy… Would also love some tips on the theme nights….What is permissible and what is not….I imagine that my questions are similar to most first time visitors…. Thanks

  140. The Squirtinators

    For classy fun sexy atmosphere you could not have picked a better place. Desire is an environment that provides a non-pushy way to talk relax and communicate with other couples looking to reunite that spark of passion in their relationships. The way you choose to explore that is completely up to you. The resort just provides the possibility and excitement for it all to happen. The women lead for the most part with gentle suggestion from the men. First explore with each other what your boundaries are and what things are just fantasy and which ones you might want to pursue if the opportunity presents itself with the right people. Or just sit back enjoy the sexy surroundings with no pressure to do anything. We love naked pool volleyball. Fun, happy lighthearted game with no spiking and the booby rule for the gals. Theme nights are just for fun. Participation is not required but for some couples it is their favorite thing once again completely up to your comfort level. Nudity is not allowed in the lobby or the restaurants. Other than that you can be a racy as you like. The age group is for the most part 30 – 50 with the occasional younger couple or older sprinkled in for flavor. One warning once you experience Desire Resort it is very hard to ever go anywhere else. Once again please have serious deep conversations with each other about what it is you are comfortable with and never change that due to alcohol consumption. If you want to change the rules do it together, sober and with excitement and understanding that this is about you and reconnecting with that spark of passion and fun that we all had when we got together but which fades in the course of time for most of us. Just stepping through the door of Desire shows you still are searching for passion. Find it in your own way at your speed the resort provides the opportunity and atmosphere.

  141. Newbie

    Hey, can anyone tell me what the best massage is to get and is there somewhere to see a price sheet on the different massages?

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, Newbie, thank you for writing and when it comes to the spa, we have so many different massages and treatments that you can be sure, you will find whatever you are looking for and more. It’s really up to you what you want to experience, but we can tell you our hot stone massage, sabai massage or even our sensual massage for couples are the favorites among our guests. Good, we’ll be sending you our price sheet. Try them all and let us know!

  142. The Squirtinators

    Hi Tim & Tammy (The Squirtinators ) here,
    We are pleased to announced that we have been invited back to Desire Resort Cancun ,May 14 to 18, 2012 and Sept. 24 to 28, 2012 to present our world famous Female Sexuality and relationship enhancement seminars with complimentary in room couples massages and female ejaculation sessions ( tips excepted). We would like to thank Desire Resorts for their continued support and we look forward to answering all of your questions and helping restore passion in long term relationships in 2012 .Tim & Tammy

  143. hyj

    Hi everyone, we will be there from May 23 to May 28
    we are hyj on

    Hope to meet you there

  144. orsurgman

    we were there just last week and it was the best thing in our lives . the people were great their staff really cared that you had a good time . we are swingers but there is some that are just like to be nude . you just don’t want to go back home one of the bell boys Gustavo is very good in helping you out . the morning bar tender Miguel and the night Eloy and the butler Carlos really took care of us and made our week special we meet couples there that we keep in contact with also

  145. The Squirtinators

    We would really love it if some of you non – swinger would post something here helping other non- swinger to understand how you were treated by the swinger crowd. You know after 10 tens of traveling around the whole swinger non swinger crowd we have found you would never even know unless you ask or are asked to play. Then a nice no thank you is all it takes to just be friends. We were a resort one time had a great fun filled day with a couple shopping, volleyball, lunch, dinner etc. at dinner I ask the guy ” We think guys are great would you like to play later? ” He looked at me with a funny look and said “Play you mean like cards?” after a brief pause he looked back at me and said, ” OH I don’t think she will go for it!! ” They chatted and he came back head hung low and said … ” She said no damn it!! LOL.” We both had a great laugh and we carried on as friends. It never even occurred to us they were not swingers and we had made some great new friends that we still know to this day. In other words it really did not even matter in the end and it almost never does.

  146. tiedandtasty


    We will be at Desire Resort very soon …only 6 weeks till we arrive,can you tell us if you have the program available for the week starting 1st Jan 2012 (New Years Day) till 8th Jan 2012 ..we arrive the afternoon of 1st Jan and we depart 15th Jan 2012 .if you have details of the nightly program that would be fantastic,it will allow us to prepare for the events. cant wait….

    Hayley and Frank


  147. dwhdds

    To the couple from France staying at desire in December-Bonjour!! Hope we can meet you then! Doug

  148. orsurgman

    yes squirt is right you would never know unless you ask and everyone is respectful on the decisions ….

  149. orsurgman

    hyj what group are you with we are trying to go back on 17 may to 28

  150. Sir-and-O

    Hi dwhdds, Thanks for your message ! Where do you come from ? and which date will you be at Desire exactly ? B&N

  151. BottomsUp

    We are arriving January 22nd 2012.
    Can anyone tells us if the Desire Events are the same as 2011 or
    will management be updating the calendar to 2012 shortly?

    Getting excited and trying to pack!


  152. dwhdds

    Hi B& N! We are from the United States,
    about 4 hours west of Chicago. Et Vu?We will be at desire december 10-17th. Merci! Doug

  153. dwhdds

    B & N-Our next trip will be december 10-17th 2011. We are from the United States-about 4 hours west of Chicago. Et Vu? Merci! Doug

  154. jcarsi

    Hola Manuel Villa….como te fue en la experiencia Desire?
    Nosotros fuimos la unica pareja latina o sea de Mexico que estuvo en la semana Agosto.

    Y los eventos temáticos y las mujeres animadoras te hacen que vivas en otro mundo.

  155. fthunt

    Prochaine visite 10 decembre – 19 decembre…nous sommes amercains…yoga a gazebo.

  156. Sir-and-O

    fthunt, dwhdds, We live in the neiberhood of Geneva (Switzerland). Merci pour vos réponses et à tout bientôt autour d’un verre sous le soleil ! See you soon.

  157. jolesw

    We are still waiting for the 2012 events calendar to be posted….please post asap, so we can start shopping for our upcoming trip in February .

  158. Newbie

    Hi blog editor, I was wandering when and how you were going to get me the prices on the massages? And I will ask the same old question when is the 2012 calendar coming out. Thanks for everything.

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Hi, Newbie, thank you for writing, we’re still working on the 2012 calendar, but I can tell you that it’s going to be very sensual, and Desire like. I’m going to send you the program to your email tomorrow together with the spa treatments prices, so that you can know what to pack for those nights and which massage to go for. Keep in touch, ok?

  159. The Squirtinators

    The Squirtinators return to Desire Resort Dec 3rd – 10th. Hi everybody we will be returning to Desire Cancun with our world famous seminars on female sexuality, the Use of Fantasy to enhance your relationship and the latest in products for tanning and libido enhancement and yes our ever popular Female Ejaculation & anatomy seminar with live demonstration. This is an interactive seminar where we answer and chat with the audience about any topics concerning Female sexuality or the lifestyle. See you soon Tim & Tammy

  160. vannasdesire

    Jolesw, when will you be ther in feb? We will be there 2/18 – 2/25.

  161. simonalejandro

    hi can u help me or give some examples for bling bling event?

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Sure, this is our bling bling party where we invite you to wear your flashy jewelry, bright colors and those expensive jeans with beads. I hope we can help if you wish you can ask our activities manager for more information at

  162. chonobob

    We’ll be back to Desire July 21-28 for our 10th visit. Wish we could make the 4 months go by quicker.
    Sara and Chon

  163. jovenesdiscre

    parejas latinas o que hablen español, estaremos del 4 al 10 de abril de 2012, somos de campeche, mex.

  164. OLIVER


    Nosotros vamos a estar del 31 al 2 en el Desire Pearl y del 3 al 7 en el Desire playa del Carmen nosotros somos del DF. si gustan nos ponemos en contacto para intercambiar ideas y gustos.


  165. osar

    Hola jovenesciscre nosotros estaremos unos dias en playa del carmen y del 9 al 11 de Abril en Desire Riviera, esperemos podamos conocerlos porque creo hay poco mexicano, nosotros somos de df.

  166. stgosw

    Hola!, pareja chilena estaremos en el mes de Septiembre

  167. The Squirtinators

    The Squirtinators return to Desire Resort May 12th – 20th. Hi everybody we will be returning to Desire Cancun with our world famous seminars on female sexuality, the Use of Fantasy to enhance your relationship and the latest in products for tanning and libido enhancement and yes our ever popular Female Ejaculation & anatomy seminar with live demonstration. This is an interactive seminar where we answer and chat with the audience about any topics concerning Female sexuality or the lifestyle. See you soon Tim & Tammy

  168. jdnkd

    Finally going back to Desire for our 5th time from May 28th-June 3rd. If you’ll be there then, IM or e-mail us on Yahoo as “jdnkd” or send us a message on SLS as “jdnkd1990”.

    Can’t wait to push the limits. Want to help? J&K

  169. pcomstock

    We are soooo looking forward to our first trip to Desire Riviera Maya! Arrive on May 28, depart June 3. If you will be there then feel free to email us at Yahoo (pauliandree) or on SLS “Canyoufeelusnow.” Can’t wait!!!!! P&R

  170. pcomstock

    We will be at Desire from May 28 – June 3. This is our very first visit and we are soooooooo stoked! If you are going to be there at the same time, we’d love to hear from you – we can be reached at “pauliandree” at Yahoo or through SLS under “Canyoufeelusnow.” If anyone has any newbie tips, please give us the 411…… P&R

  171. bastet

    We will be at Desire on June 15 until the 18th. It will be our 8th trip. We have a home close by the resort. We hope to see lots of old friends, and meet a few new friends as well.

    We also plan to be there again during the first week of July. Wild, hot summer!!!!

  172. The Squirtinators

    The exciting last 24 hrs of packing the bags , gathering the last of the theme night items , gabbing the sun screen , tickets and heading out the door for another great week at Desire Cancun is here !!!! YEA !!! See All of you wonderful Passion seekers Saturday night around 10pm !! Please join us is a promise of an incredible week. All Our best Tim & Tammy

  173. denisefred

    Fred & Denise plan on being back Nov 3rd to the 10 it will be our 2nd time there
    We ate New to the whole atmosphere but all I know it that it turns usboth on
    And since Denise is very

    it works for me
    So stop and say hi

  174. sandropurata

    Hola amigos. Somos una pareja de Mexico que estaremos en Desire Riviera Maya del 30 de mayo al 2 de junio. Alguna pareja que hable español ira en la misma fecha? Nos gustaria contactarlos pues la mayoría de los huéspedes hablan ingles y por lo mismo no podemos comunicarnos adecuadamente con ellos. Es nuestro 3er viaje al Resort. Saludos. Sandro y Esme

  175. regina

    I’m Regina. I’m brazilian, my husband canadian. anyone coming on June 5th?

  176. regina

    really loved the words of squirtinators of sep,11/2011. I’ve printed them to talk with my husband and have everything clarified at our first time. Packing for June 5th at Riviera Maya.

  177. sandropurata


  178. regina

    maybe a usuful reminder, if there are brazilians at Desire= in Brazil, June 12th is Valentines Day.

  179. xtreme23

    Wife and I are first timers and anxiously excited about trying something new. We will be Desires Riviera maya on June 21 thru the 25th..anyone else going those days? Even if not , any advice for newby’s ready to experience just about anything???

    We can be reached at

  180. The Squirtinators

    Dear xtreme23 says
    We are Tim & Tammy ( The Squirtinator) we do seminars and massages at Desire over the last 8 years or so. Can I ask “when you say something new ” if you could define that a little more please. It is very important that before you go you and your partner have a deep honest conversation about boundaries, limits, hopes dreams and DESIRES! Desire Resort is the perfect place to explore mutual fantasies, new friendships and to reignite the passion that fades in all relationships with time. Desire is a Lifestyle friendly Resort. That does not mean swinger although that is one part of what you may find there if you search it out. What the Lifestyle has come to mean is any couple that still cares about passion in their relationships and how to keep that alive and fresh. You will find voyeurs, nudists, swingers, bisexuals and couples who just like the environment who do nothing more but explore each other. The one thing we can promise you will find are some of the most caring nice non-pushy people anywhere on earth. We coined a new phrase “More then nudists less than swingers ” that truly covers the majority of couple that attend Desire. You can always check what groups will be there at the same time you plan to go. Groups can change the dynamic of the resort and depending on which way your tendencies go you can adjust the flavor of your stay. Any question drop us a note at our web site

  181. xtreme23

    Thank you so much for the advice and we have already started having those conversations about limits and desires:) we hope to fulfill all!

    Also, has anyone experienced the half day sail on Desire catamaran? It looks like it would be fun and break up the day nicely as well as prep for the afternoon hot tub deck experience? Any feedback would be appreciated..

  182. jerolim

    we are going on nov 9th, who is going to desire cancun? our second trip, can’t wait….

  183. regina

    just leaving Riviera Maya. such a good Resort. good food and drinks, the staff is nice, met good friends and for sure we’re coming back.

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Thank you, Regina. We will be happy to see you back soon!

  184. hockey99

    G’day all, we are a 50 year old couple from Australia and thinking about going to Desire early in the new year, new to the lifestyle but no issues , but just couple of questions are we too old and is it worth the long long trip from oz, also which is the best resort to go to, is Jan ago time to go cheers Steve

    • David

      Thank you for sharing with us, and we’ll be glad to see you in our three different resorts. It is definetely worth it to come to one of our resorts because you can expect to enjoy the most deliciously erotic time. Now, if you are beginning with the lifestyle we totally recommend you to come to Desire Resort & Spa Los Cabos where most of the couples are experiencing their first lifestyle vacation. On the other hand, Desire Pearl Resort & Spa Riviera Maya is our newest hotel and offers you the most luxurious accommodations and mesmerizing scenery of the Mexican Caribbean along with the most sensual clothing optional atmosphere! We can say that the experts in the Desire concept are visiting us there, so we hope we have been of help and you can make up your mind on where to spend your next vacation and yes, January is really good to come, the weather is always nice in that time of the year! So stay in touch and please keep us posted! You can also start interacting with the couples that are visting our resorts by that time on our blog or on Facebook page!

  185. regina

    Hi hockey99- are you kidding me? you are begining the best part of your life, believe me. We’re around that age, and enjoyed Riviera Maya a lot. Met nice and classy couples that turned to be our friends when we left. As the trip is long, don’t take a short holidays or you are going to feel exausted. Allow yourself to rest at the resort you choose and go back home with fullycharged batteries, young fellows!

  186. ochohere

    anyone going on octuber? we are 31 and 28 email
    from octuber 5 to the 11th

  187. royalkerin

    Starting the packing process and soooo excited. We are heading down to Desire Riviera July 5-13 and can’t wait. This will be our 7th or 8th trip??? I have lost count. We are looking forward to spending time with amazing friends we made down there in the past few years, and make more friends. One of the strange things about desire is how much we have grown to adore your staff. We never even remember the staff’s names when we visit other resorts. We so look forward to seeing them all again too. Africa, Sylvia, Arco, Daniel, Marco, Candido, and sweet sweet Charlie. I hope they are all there.

    If anyone else is heading down during this time please feel free to say hi. We are We can’t wait!!!

  188. weerheer

    we are arriving august 1st…anyone else going to be there?

  189. samandjerry

    We’re going to be there Aug 8-13. Can’t wait to go!!! Any other sexy couples going at the same time?

  190. pickles

    We’ll be there aug 10-13

  191. pickles

    Craig & Monika, we’re coming in Aug 10–13th.

  192. Sean1978

    we’re going in aug 21 – 26

  193. madamewhite

    Hola pareja latina visitando una vez mas desire riviera del 26 al 30 de julio,habra alguna otra pareja de habla hispana por esas fechas? friday will be my birthday……..

  194. The Squirtinators

    We are Tim & Tammy The Squirtinators. We will be returning Sept 22nd – 29th presenting our world famous Female Ejaculation seminars. We cover all aspects of human sexuality, anatomy, The G spot, arousal and use of fantasy in our hour-long seminar. We also cover new products (we do not sell anything information only) for libido enhancement, ED medications etc. Included are great fun stories from years of living and working in the lifestyle ending in a live demonstration. Hope we can see friend old and new this time around.

    • Desire Blog Editor

      Welcome back, Mr. & Mrs. Magic Hands!

  195. mxcouplemx

    we will be at desire for our 3 time from 7 to 11th aug cant wait to get naked

  196. pipo

    we will be at desire resort oct, 05 for 7 days. first visit

  197. pipo

    Bonjour a vous.
    Nous serons au desire resort la semaine du 5 octobre. Nous avons très hate pour la prèmieres visite

    Hello we will be at desire resort for one week october 05 2012. we are exxiting for first visit

    Sorry for my English, we are French Canadian

  198. 6th position

    Has anyone been to the other Desire resorts? Pearl or Los Cabos. We have been to Desire twice, just wondered what the others were like.


  199. The Squirtinators

    Tammy and I have worked and are working at both resorts in September including the Pearl. I know they are in the process of making upgrades to Cabo and The Pearl. All the resorts are top of the line what would you like to know specifically . We would love to answer all your questions. Thanks Tim & Tammy

  200. suasponte

    My wife and I will be returning to Desire for our second time February 1st and we’ll be bringing a first-visit couple with us. We enjoyed our first time there we can’t help but spread the word as to what a great get-away it is. We met Tim and Tammy the last time we were there but unfortunately were on our way out as they were on their way in and just missed their seminar but had a fun and informative introduction to them at the bar. We hope we can catch them down there again sometime.

  201. The Squirtinators

    . Top O the morning to all Ye Desire Passion seekers!! Tim & Tammy The Squirtinators here. Come on down to Desire Los Cabos and celebrate St Patty’s Day March 13th – 18th and warm yourselves after the long winter on the beautiful beaches of Los Cabos! We will be presenting our world famous seminars and our in room sensual couples massages. Reenergize your relationship with our informative sexual techniques and indulge with a very erotic in room couples massage. See you there Tim & Tammy

  202. peetah38

    Girlfriend and mine’s first trip to Riviera over Christmas.
    So far it has been great fun shopping for fun stuff for both of us on theme nights – both looking forward to those.

    Any words of advice before we get there?