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Now, we are inviting you to write for Desire.

Because we love the contribution of Tim & Tammy, and other Desire followers, and we know you too, we want to welcome you to be part of our growing community and write for Desire, in our blog.

So don’t be shy and post about your most sensual experiences at Desire, the topics you would like to discuss with all of us, and the things that interest you the most. We will simply love to hear from you, because what makes Desire is the people that come to visit and give us a bit of their time and joy.

So if you want to participate in this new opportunity to show your preference for our resorts, and write for Desire, please send us an email to with your stories and we will be happy to read them and post them on our blog. You can submit your posts as many times as you want.

There’s no minimum of what you can write and you can also let us know if you want to be published just as Desirer. It’s totally up to you. Just please try not to send us posts that have already been published or submitted elsewhere online, we want to keep our Desire Blog natural, interesting, creative and mainly original.

So let us hear from you and what you have to say about our Desire Resorts. We will have surprises that include complimentary stays for the people that join us in this plan to write for Desire more. So what are you waiting for? Start writing, share with us what Desire has done for the passion in your life and relive in every word those deliciously erotic moments you can only live at Desire.

Write for Desire and keep us closer than ever.