Y Night Club and Sin Room

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Conceptualized and designed to top the success of the previous disco of Desire Resort & Spa,”Y” is a dramatic cutting-edge space where guests will be challenged to question their sense of perception and reality.”Y“ Nightclub features a new bar area and new, stylish furniture along with our new and enlarged tempting Sin Room, formerly known as the Play Room.
Enjoy the main dance floor, filled with beats from the world’s best DJ´s. We went over the top with this new Club and added a smoking terrace where you can go for a smoke without missing an instant of the sensual ambiance,you will find in this new venue that will definitely take your breath away.
Y don’t you allow yourself to be free for one night? Y don’t you come and be sinful?
Y, only at Desire Resort & Spa.

  1. Jorch00100


    • moderator

      Have you been to Desire before?

  2. abdulcito

    Estupendo, tendremos que ir de inmediato para conocer la nueva Disco y el Sin Room.

  3. Hola Abdul, no se pego el link. aqui va de nuevo para que conozcas la Disco “Y” de Desire Riviera Maya: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6RGNBkLhnU&feature=channel

  4. sha

    this ..i am REALLY looking forward to….. so is my love…we are wondering exactly how good it can get there….

  5. sha

    any other ‘sinful’ playmates looking to find out about this room?

  6. dukieduke

    I could be into that. You will be there the same week as me? Woohoo!

  7. dukieduke

    I am sorry if that came off too strong.

  8. sha

    thats ok… i like strong…. and by the sounds of it yes..we should be there around the same time… we arrive on the 8th.. when are you arriving..?

  9. dukieduke

    On that Sunday night. My love should be participating in the show. With any luck I will too.

  10. sha

    and if she doesnt… do think she would mind if i participate with you?…i know my love will be looking other pupils….

  11. dukieduke

    Other pupils? I am not sure what that means.

  12. sha

    sunday night is for naughty school girls and teachers….would you give me some lessons?

  13. dukieduke

    I have to leave now. My love is not comfortable with this conversation.

  14. dukieduke

    Forget the last message. She is in now.

  15. sha

    what changed her mind?… might she share now?…she doesnt need to be shy …

  16. dukieduke

    I don’t know about sex, but I think she is OK now.

  17. sha

    what are your plans together when you get to Desire?…. how much fun are you looking to have?..what kind of fun?…. we are very open minded ..there no need to be shy…

  18. sandropurata

    Hola amigos. Estuvimos en Desire hace unos días y pudimos visitar el Sin Room. Una palabra lo resume todo: Excelente!!! Cuando llegamos varias parejas estaban disfrutando su sexualidad al máximo y nosotros nos unimos al grupo. Muy excitante. Estamos expectantes por volver a ir y repetir tan formidable experiencia.

    • ¡Hola sandropurata!

      Nos dejas con asombro y ganas de vivir la experiencia del Sin Room con tus excelentes comentarios. Estamos seguros que hicieron de sus fantasias toda una realidad. Esperamos saber más de ustedes y escuchar alguna anécdota de tu viaje que gusten compartir con nosotros. ¡Sigan en sintonia en el Blog!

  19. gustavo

    son las mejores vacaciones que hemos tenido, nosotros estuvimos el año pasado y disfrutamos al maximo nuestra sexualidad … excelente lugar para vacacionar en pareja y buscar algo mas !

    • ¡Bienvenido a nuestro Blog Gustavo!

      ¡De eso se trata Desire! De vivir una verdadera experiencia de libertad sin inhibiciones, donde tú y tu pareja puedan revivir esa chispa de erotismo y pasión en un ambiente sólo para parejas de ropa opcional en Riviera Maya.
      Muchas gracias por ser parte de nuestro Blog, y esperamos recibirte de nuevo. No dudes en compartir alguna anecdota o experiencia que hayas vivido en Desire.

  20. IdahoCouple

    We are planning a trip next April can any one tell us what to expect at the Y and sin room.

    • Hello IdahoCouple,

      Welcome to the Blog! the Y Lounge Discoteque is our night club where the hotest activities take place!. Check your mailbox, I will send an activities program so you can get a close idea of what the entertainment looks like. As per our “Sin Room”, Do not enter this room if any sexual activities offend you. there you can freely enjoy with your partner or join other couples. It’s all up to you. Check also our house rules, click here as they play an important role of the great ambience of our Resort. Thanks for Blogging! and keep posting!

  21. juan carlos castillo lopez

    Hola amigos mi esposa y yo, hemos tenido la oportunidad de estar con ustedes el año pasado, en ferero de este año festejamos nuestro aniversario y en agosto primeramente dios estaremos nuevamente . saludos

    • ¡Que tal Juan!
      Nos da gusto que hayas formado parte de nuestro Blog y que compartas tu experiencia! Feliciz aniversario para ti y tu esposa. En este Blog encontrarás nuevos amigos. Un saludo desde Desire Riviera Maya

    • Hola juan carlos,
      ¡Nos da mucho gusto recibir tus comentarios! por favor avísanos con anticipación tu llegada si es que celebran su aniversario durante su estancia con nosotros

  22. booboo

    we are coming to Desire Aug. 18-25. We have been to Desire before. Not swingers yet, but would like to explore. Watch, be watched. Can anyone help us. We’re 50’s and willing to learn.

  23. bill_moica

    Any pictures of the newly removated Y Night Club and Sin Room?

    • Desire Resort

      Hi, Bill_moica:
      Sure, you will find pics of our Y Night Club in the web page of Desire Resort and even better, we invite you to check out our video of Y Night Club & Sin Room. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKMOJScWTUU So can you picture yourself there having fun?

  24. john

    hi booboo,
    we are in the same situation as you, not swingers but enjoy looking, teasing and being looked at. We are also in our 50´s and will stay at Desire between 13th and 29th of August.
    What about meeting over a drink and chat?

  25. booboo

    Hi john,

    let’s get together for a drink and chat


  26. booboo

    Hi John,
    Still learning how to use this blog. Let’s get together. We’re arriving the 18th. We’re looking forward to meeting you. At the bar by the main entrance, 5 or so?

    Steve and Patti

  27. sunluvers

    We are going to be there on Spet. 23- 28th, anyone is going to be there at this time?

  28. john

    hi Steve
    will be nice to meet. We´re europeans, that´s why it takes some time to answer – due to time difference.
    Will be nice to see you at the bar by the main entrance. 18th at 5 pm?
    John and Virga

  29. juan carlos castillo lopez

    Hola amigos primeramente dios, les confirmo que estaremos para el fin de de semana de conejitas ya tenemos nuestra reservacion saludos.

  30. bmjsf

    Can someone give us details on the “eyes wide shut” activity? Please share your experiences.

  31. jsin133

    Anyone going to be there in october ?Frist timers looking for information.

  32. Bondgal

    Looking forward to our first trip to Desire on September 3, 2010. We’re not swingers but are curious about “the lifestyle”. Would appreciate any feedback on what to really expect. Anyone planning on being there? (It’s Labor Day weekend)

  33. chonobob

    We’ll be there on the 21st and are looking forward to seeing the new disco and sin room
    Sara and Chon

    • Hey chonobob!
      You will love it! See you here then!

  34. gustavo

    Me and my wife will be there the first week of october… we are interested in see other couples, teasing, we want to be watch and watch other people, and maybe if my wife wants swing with other people……

  35. gustavo

    alguna pareja de mexico que vaya a estar en el hotel de playa la primera semana de octubre ? … mi esposa y yo estamos buscando algo mas exitante, que nos vean, poder ver y si ella quisiera intercambiar parejas, ella tiene 28 años y yo 30 ….. saludos a todos !! … nosotros estuvimos hace un año y fue la mejor experiencia de nuestras vidas !!… mi esposa estaba facinada viendo tantas cosas y sobre todo el sin room … y en la terraza de arriba que tiene el jacuzzi … fabuloso !!

  36. tripletime43

    hi jsin. We are going to be there october 28 to november 1. We are first timers and just experimenting. we would love to meet some new open minded friends to enjoy the experience with.

  37. deliciosos

    We were there in late May for a week and we have a not very nice experience. Our air conditioning stopped working at the third day and they took 2 days to fix it and the only thing we got was a “we are sorry” email. They were not able to change us the room because they said they were booked. We found out that they were not fully booked, the problem was that they did not have a room available in the same category we paid (garden view) and they did not want to give us a better room. So, we had to stay in the lousy room with temperatures above 90!
    So, just be prepared. Unfortunately the service and installations are not the same of what they use to be four years ago when we first went.

  38. caballo800

    Saludos a todos, me muero de ganas de volver a mi cuarto viaje al Desire, aún no encuentro fecha, pero espero estrenar pronto la Disco

  39. jsin133

    Hi tripletime… Had to change plans . We will be arriving january . We are very excited .Have you ever been to a resort like this ? Look like alot of fun.

  40. jsin133

    Comming out in January 2011 . Frist timers looking for fun and play.Can anyone let me know what to expect . If your going to be there in January lets chat .

  41. andrea

    Hola, es la aventura de estar desnuda con mi pareja y compartir con otros, estoy muy emocionada y espero quedar tan complacida como todos ustedes.

  42. rm

    julia y roberto, estaremos en desire cancun la 2 semana de septiembre sera nuestra primera ves en este concepto, tenemos muchas fantasias, nuestra edad, 35 y 47 somos de mente abierta y nos gustaria saber si hay parejas que vayan a estar en esas fechas, saludos.

  43. sunluvers

    We are going to be in desire from Sept. 23-28. Is Anybody going to be there in the same time so we can have a dinner or drink together, or just talk by the pool?

  44. brstlcpl

    we will be at desire from 11/27 until 12/4/2010. will anyone else be there during that time?

  45. knewwho

    Nov 11-21 for us. Can’t wait to get to the new Club Y and sin room.

  46. hottctcouple

    Sunluvers, we are going to be there Sept 25th thru Oct 2. I’m sure we will bump into you at some point.

  47. sunluvers

    hottctcouple, sounds very good, is that your first trip to Desire?

  48. GRANDEURSO2000

    Hola rm Says nosotros vamos a estar del 15 al 19 de Septiembre, no se considamos con las fechas.

    Saludos Luisa y Jesus

  49. dandi

    We will be making our first trip to Desire in early Jan. very excited.

  50. g8rfan

    Hi sunluvers, we will be there from 9/22 – 9/25!

  51. lazcarraga

    Hi! My wife and I are going to Desire from oct 6th to oct 11th. No swinging! Just to have fun, reconnect to each other and maybe meet some fun people

  52. Rjmrl

    We are going to be at desire at next week 9/29 to10/4. Hoping to meet some fun couples with bi ladies.

  53. mayberry

    We are going for our 1st trip to Desires Oct 22-29. Looking forward to new adventures. It’s our 1st time for all of it!

  54. miranda

    brstlcpl – some of our dates will overlap! We will see you there!

  55. mwebber

    Hi all. For the theme night, like naughty school girl, what is the typical costume like? I know clothing is required in the club, but can I assume not much 😉

    Any good sites with pictures to give us ideas? Curious for both of us.


  56. gizmo

    mayberry, hi. we will be there oct 27-31. our first time to desire, too. have been to GLB and Hedo 2. Where are you coming from?

  57. mayberry

    Fingerlake region of NY state, USA. How about You?

  58. miranda

    mwebber – you will see all kinds of outfits – some smaller than others – at the resort. You can google “naughty school girl” and come up with all sorts of ideas and links to online shops to find that perfect outfit.

    If you think your outfit is too “naughty”, it really isn’t – at least not for Desire. ~wink~

  59. gizmo


  60. gizmo

    Desire Resort – talking about “costumes”. My leather night “costume” consists – literally – of almost nothing – although it has a little leather. Can I wear it in the disco?????? I hope so.

    • Hello Gizmo,

      Desire is about freedom, so yes, you can wear it! Rest asured you won´t be the only one!

  61. sanewbies

    Does anyone know if the video screens in the nightclub are still playing regular tv? This was very strange during the night as the club would have a great sexy vibe with awesome music & a hot dance floor with news or sports in the tv screens. If it already hasn’t been changed I would recommend playing sexy videos during the night while the dj spins his tunes.

    • Guest Service Manager

      Hello sanewbies! As far as I know, we don´t play any regular TV during disco time! When was your last time at Desire? Have you seen the new disco?
      Please let me know 🙂 Regards!

  62. racerx2

    We are going to be there from November 7-11, and are really looking forward to it. Any others here planning on being there at that time?

  63. jimw6621

    We are going to be there March 22 – March 28, 2011. It is our first time, anyone has any suggestions or do/don’t for a couple of new comers? We are really excited and looking forward to meeting new people and have a great time.

  64. miranda

    It looks like there will be a lot of folks there during the time you are there – it just won’t be us!

  65. sanewbies

    Dear Guest Service Manager…we were in Desire shortly after the club was re-opened in April of this year…that’s great news that you don’t play regular tv as the club is awesome! What have you guys been playing lately?


  66. keigor

    brsticpl – we will be at Desire Nov. 27 to Dec.2….. Miranda,sounds like you are there as well….what dates? We are not swingers but this is our second time and we really enjoyed the whole atmosphere. Voyeurs absolutely…..quite enjoy the sin room and all the skimpy little outfits.

  67. miranda

    We are there Nov 23-30 – contact us at leafer1967@yahoo.com. Sounds like we enjoy Desire for the same reasons. 🙂

  68. Naughty Nurse

    Hey jsin133, we r gonna b there on Dec 30- Jan 8. It’s our first time at desire. Hope we c u there.

  69. jsin133

    hi we are scheduled to be there jan 16-20. cant wait! anyone else planning to be there then?

  70. kimbrett

    We’ll be there Jan 12-19. See you on the dance floor!

    Kim and Brett

  71. stgsow

    We wil be there on jan 17 to 23, from Chile, our mail for stgosw@hotmail.com, anyone else, contact us. see you

  72. jsin133

    kimbrett, have you been to desires before? what do the men wear during the evening? Anyone else?

  73. miranda

    kimbrett – are you wondering if the men dress in theme or just in general? Most men dress up a bit (lightweight long pants and a nice shirt for dinner). Some men dress in the theme some don’t. Some where shorts and sandals in the evening – most don’t.

  74. jsin133

    miranda – thanks. want to make sure i have the correct evening wear! sounds like im going to tommy bahama’s! 🙂 Do you know if the pools are open in the evening?

  75. kimbrett

    We’ve never been to Desire before jsin133. We’ll probably try our best to go with the theme of the night if possible. Hopefully we’ll be pros by the time you get there. Looking forward to letting loose a bit!

  76. jsin133

    kimbrett dont worry about being pros, our first time also!

  77. sandropurata

    Hola amigos. Estaremos en desire Cancun la ultima semana de mayo. Alguna pareja hispana con quien podamos convivir? Digo hispanos porque no hablamos ingles y Uds. saben que la comunicación es muy importante. Nos gustaría conocer gente y poder hacer cosas excitantes juntos. Es nuestra tercera vez en el resort y realmente es una experiencia única. Saludos y esperamos tener noticias pronto de alguna pareja que pueda coincidir con nosotros.

  78. mhow

    We are coming to Desire 1/25 thru 1/30. We haven’t been there in 3 years and we hope that some of the recent comments about the service not being what it use to be are wrong.

    Excited to experience the new sin room!

  79. mclulu5

    We were at Desire in December and it was our 5th visit. The service is exceptionnal!

  80. Mikat

    Mhow, anything you heard about the service is definitely wrong. We are going back this March for the 5th time. We were at Desire in April and October last year and the service was fantastic. The new disco and sin room have to be the best renovation the hotel has done to date. You will have a great time.

  81. Mikat

    Mhow,Let me put it this way; The New Sin Room = sexy, clean and tons of fun. We had visited Desire last year in April and again in October. The best renovation the resort has ever done was the remodel of the disco and sin room, you will be pleased. As far as the service, we never had any issues with the staff – they all are friendly and go out of their way to make sure your stay is perfect. The activities staff is super attentive and loads of fun. Have fun!! We will be back again in March 😉
    Kat & Mike

  82. twotravelers

    We’re 2 30somethings headed to Desire Jan 27-31…it’s our first trip and we’re excited to explore new things as it sounds like an incredibly sensual experience.

  83. ferbaemart

    Hola a todos, somos una pareja que todavia no conoce el Desire, pero que sueña con ir. Nos gustaria conocer sus experiencias para ver si nos animamos.

    • Hola ferbaemart,
      Bienvenidos a nuestro Blog, esperemos que alguna pareja pueda compartir su opinión con ustedes. De nuestra parte compartimos con ustedes videos recientes sobre Desire, los cuales te darán una excelente idea de lo que podrás vivir en Desire. Reportaje C+ y este que también te dirá mucho sobre Desire: Deliciosamente Erótico. Los esperamos, Desire Resort & Spa Riviera Maya se ha convertido en el hotel solo para parejas donde todos los deseos se hacen realidad, en ambiente relajado de ropa opcional.

  84. squeeks.magee

    Sounds like a few of you will be there when we are for our first trip to Desire Jan 15-19. We bucked up for the Passion Suite since we don’t know how many opportunities like this we will get again.

    We are Cate and Eric – be sure to say “Hi”! Trying to pack some sexy outfits in the suitcase now…fashion show time 🙂

  85. shayne

    Cant wait to see the new renovation, we were last there in 2009 and will be visiting again in March 2011. I can also agree the service is fantastic.

  86. miranda

    Shayne – you guys will love the new disco and playroom. Have fun – and yes, the service at this resort (and also all those behinds the scenes) is top notch!!!

  87. stgsow

    Llegamos mañan Domingo!!

  88. Mikat

    Shayne, what time in March will you be there? We are going the 5th -15th… Let us know, it will be a blast.

  89. shayne

    Hi Mikat, we will be there 25th March till 9th April.

  90. denis

    How is the sin room?

    • Welcome denis,
      Take a look at this video Y Lounge & bar But lets invite other guests to share with us, what do they think about our New Disco Lounge & Bar with the renovated Sin Room?

  91. miranda

    We loved the new look of the disco and the Sin Room. Has the playroom in Cabo been renovated too?

  92. miranda

    Thanks Moderator. I will try again over there.

  93. Mikat

    Hey Shayne, sorry we will just miss each other but we will leave the hot tub on for you. Just tell Hector the bartender that Kat & Mike sent you 😉
    Moderator thats a great video link to so the new Y Lounge! You should have that on your front page.

  94. Alan

    Hi, we will be visiting first time in early February. Are the Y Night Club and Sin Room open every night?

    • Guest Service Manager

      Hello Alan,

      Thank you very much for posting. Y Night Club and Sin room opens every night from 10pm until 02am. We have prepared an excellent activities program for you. We hope you are ready to have fun. Loking forward to meeting you. Regards.

  95. francy

    Hello! Anybody else heading down next week? We will be there Jan 25th – 30th. 1st time at Desire and looking forward to lots of fun and meeting new friends!

  96. toddandlacey

    Hello All,
    My husband and I are heading to Desire for the first time, March 5th-9th 2011. We are very excited, we’ve never been to a resort like this and hope we have great time and return for many more visits. Is there anyone else that will be there on the above dates? Also a couple questions for those of you who have been before…… are all body types welcome (i am not a toothpick and have some curves, but a very active person) and also this may seem weird, but can you swim in the ocean? I thought I read somewhere that you can’t swim for some reason?
    Thanks for the imput!!!

  97. Mikat

    We will be at Desire from the 5th – 15 of March, hope to see you there! No worries, there is no prejudice on body types. Just show up, be yourself and you will have a great time. To answer your question you can swim in the ocean (Cancun). I believe you cant swim in the ocean at Temptations(Cabo).
    If you have any other questions let us know we would be happy to answer them. You can email us at luvtovaca@yahoo.com
    Kat & Mike

  98. guillermoservin

    ferbaemart says

    Hola realmente si vas la primera ves se convierte en adiccion es sensacional, exitante y divertido, nosotros estaremos por alli en semana santa es nuestra quinta visita.


    • Guest Service Manager

      Hola guillermoservin,
      Muchas gracias por tus comentarios! Nos da gusto que vivan la experiencia Desire con tanta pasión y ganas de regresar. Aquí los estaremos esperando en semana santa para otra estancia inolvidable. Reciban un abrazo sincero de parte de todo el staff.

  99. BB8262

    My boyfriend and I will be at Desire for the first time Jan. 28 – Feb 2. We are not swingers but really look forward to sharing some sensual experiences with each other at the laid back resort. We hope to meet some new friends while there to share drinks, laughs and fun with!

  100. funflcpl

    Anyone vacationing March 29-4-2.? Haven’t been since 2009, looks like some nice upgrades. Looking forward to more great times.

    D&C, St. Augustine, Fl

  101. geistlakecpl

    Hello all, Lauri and Doug here from Indianapolis. This will be our 5th trip. Always a great time. Our e-mail is nkdandtan@aol.com if you would like to introduce yourselves before time. Our pics are up on the desireweek43 Yahoo group.

    Look forward to seeing everyone there, our dates are 4/1-4/8

    Take care!

  102. Sean1978

    We’re going to be at Desire Cancun from Aug 21-26. This is our first time there. What would be the best suitable female/male outfit.