New Year, new sex life with new fantasies and new friends!

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A new touch, a strange breath, unknown sensations… And your couple right there being part of this rare and different experience in which the pleasure takes place and every limit is left behind. The new year welcomes you with an experience that will immerse you to the essence of the lifestyle.

The new year is the best excuse to do what you never dare to do before, to experiment with that taboos that feed your guiltiest fantasies, to make true what you thought it was forbidden… Or maybe to try that things that your couple tells you in whisper at that intimacy moments and you never imagined to make true. There’s always a chance to change your mind, and if you are at an Adults Only Resort that makes you feel as comfortable as you can in order to satisfy your desires, then it becomes easier… And sexier.

January is the perfect moment to feel it… ISM is the event that will teach you how to take it to the next level and fulfil your curiosity while you take the ideal vacations with your soulmate… And here’s the opportunity to take advantage of our best promos and rates that bring you to the first line of this thrilling event.