Your new Desire!

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Discover a new Desire!

Desire Resort & Spa Riviera is inviting you to discover the new decor of all our suites and rooms that will be rekindling the passion more than ever. Their new furnishings, better lighting, more drawer space and many of their new details will make the difference in your next visit to our couples only resort.

And if you think you have seen it all at Desire, wait until you walk into our redecorated “Y” Nightclub. Yes, always with your delight in mind, the disco and playroom are being remodeled for the second time in three years, and you are going to love every change we have prepared for you. So wait no longer and come to experience your new Desire!

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  1. Desire Blog Editor

    Hi, Desirers, has anyone been recently to Desire Riviera Maya that can give us some feedback on the changes that you can find now in our resort?

  2. MandS

    We Love the new look of the rooms at Desire RM. We do however really like the artwork in the old rooms, and wonder where we can get some. The Picture in particular is the Pink/red one of the woman’s back reclining.

  3. cocoycoca

    Hola.Este marzo tenemos reservada una pasión suite. Nos hace mucha ilusión volver a verles y más sabiendo la novedades que podemos encontrar. ¿Todas las pasión están renovadas ? Gracias.