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Whether you are looking to avoid annoying tan lines, or you would rather take a walk on the wild side, Desire Resorts & Cruises are the perfect option for a true, clothing-optional vacation!

Sometimes packing can be quite time-consuming, depending on the length of your trip or the destination you have chosen. However, when you choose a clothing-optional resort or cruise this task is a breeze. The solution, leave your clothes at home.

Here are a few answers to the top frequently asked questions for first-timers:

Q: What type of guest profile will I find at Desire Resorts/Cruises?

A: Straight couples that are looking to enjoy a sensual experience with their partner.

Q: Are Desire Resorts/Cruises only for Swingers?

A: No. We respect all lifestyles for that reason we are considered “Swinger-Friendly” Resorts/Cruises.

Q: Do people stare?

A: Highly doubtful. At our clothing-optional Resorts/Cruises couples of all shapes and sizes are welcome.

Q: Do I have to be naked at all-times?

A: The common rule is: clothed when practical, nude when appropriate. At Desire Resorts guests must be clothed when in dining facilities, in other common areas the choice is yours. Aboard our Desire Cruises there are designated clothing-optional areas stipulated by the cruise line.

Q: Are pictures allowed in public areas?

A: Due to the nature of our Resorts/Cruises, photos with cameras, cellphones or videotaping in public areas are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, in order to protect the privacy of our guests.

Q: Can I enjoy Desire Resorts/Cruises if I am single?

A: Desire Resorts/Cruises are for couples only.

Q: May we dine in the buff?

A: NO. Appropriate attire is required in all restaurants.

Q: Is sex permitted in public areas?

A: We ask that you and your couple refrain from sex in public areas. However, our Resorts do offer a Jacuzzi Lounge and Sin Room, and our Cruises a Playroom, where sexual activity is permitted. These spaces are offered so that all guests are comfortable, at all times, throughout their stay.

If you would like to read more about our couples-only, clothing-optional Resorts or Cruises, you can visit our website. Try something new this 2019, and experience what real freedom feels like, only at Desire!